How to get Instagram followers and draw audience attention to your account

1. Use Instagram algorithms to your advantage

The social network Instagram is an excellent marketing and advertising tool. It can help you find new customers, build a large community around your brand, and build trust with your target audience. But, before any of this happens, you need to understand how to quickly gain active followers on Instagram and draw the audience’s attention to your account.

Stars, companies, brands, public figures, politicians, artists – in short, almost everyone about whom something is known has Instagram accounts. This is understandable – the platform has over 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram has tremendous potential, and in this article, we’ll look at how to unleash it from the start – that is, attract new live followers.

1. Use Instagram algorithms to your advantage

Understanding how Instagram’s algorithms work is the first step to growing your followers. According to statistics, only 2-10% of the audience see your regular posts in the Instagram feed.

2. Use hashtags correctly

For years, social media hashtags have served as an important reach tool. But using hashtags on Instagram posts is one thing, and using the right hashtags is another.

There have already been heated debates about them – whether to apply, and if so, how much and how. At first, it was believed that the more hashtags, the better. Then – that it is permissible to post no more than 30 and it is better to do this not in the post itself, but in the first comment below it. Today, the strategy is simple – yes, thematic hashtags are needed, they can increase the natural reach of content, but provided that they are handled correctly and there is no overabundance.

what hashtags should you use?

The first thing to know about hashtags is that the account to post them must be public. If the account is private, the content will only be viewable by subscribers, not new users. Therefore, for best results, it is best to make your profile public.

Next, you need to determine which hashtags are the most popular and best suited to your content. If you use the most popular Instagram hashtags in your photos, videos and stories, then you are much more likely to attract live followers and get noticed.

Special services like Instating or Keyword Tool will help you to understand what works best. The resulting master list should be updated from time to time, keeping track of which trends and topics are popular today. And include appropriate ones. Another free tool is All Hashtag, which shows the most popular hashtags on Instagram at any given time.

Several hashtags from the main list must be present in every post. But there are nuances. Instagram allows you to enter up to 30 hashtags in one message, but you should not use the entire limit. The optimal number for today is considered to be a number from 9 to 15 – this preserves coverage and does not demote the post in the feed as spam. Moreover, these hashtags should include both main and additional ones – those that are not in the initial list, but they reflect the essence of a particular post.

Buy Instagram followers

Buy Instagram followers is also a good idea to increase Instagram followers and got public attraction to your account and to get famous in public.

How to buy Instagram followers?

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3. Use geolocation tags

Another tactic for getting Instagram followers is location tags. You can add them to traditional posts in the feed at the top of the post, or place a tag in Stories if that makes sense. Geo location tags help people find you when they are looking for accounts in a specific area, neighborhood, or city. This method works great if you are interested in local subscribers.

4. Write down stories

Instagram Stories is a handy feature of the platform that adds an average of 28 minutes of user time spent on the app. This suggests that people like her.

Of the more than 1 billion monthly active users, 86.6% post stories daily. This format can be a powerful tool for those looking to move beyond typical content into a more dynamic environment. So, if you are not using Stories yet, then you are missing out on most of your potential audience.

Stories also provide a great opportunity to interact with subscribers in new ways through interactive services such as polls. questions, quizzes, location tags, and more. It is really easy and convenient to create creative and attractive content with their help. Not only that, users can get a glimpse of the personality behind your brand or business in a more relaxed environment. And you can provide different types of content to keep them interested.

When a person has an active Instagram Story, a colored ring appears around their profile picture. This means that users who see the account have the opportunity to see another piece of content live. If you post interesting and relevant content to your Stories all the time, people are more likely to stay with you.


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