4 Ways To Use Instagram Stories to Enhance Engagement in 2022

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Something that is exciting and unique, something that we can never get enough of Instagram- Instagram Stories. If we go according to the statistics, we find that in January approximately 500 million users were putting stories every day. Get to know more about stylish attitude names for instagram for girl.

To gain some profit and to gain a popular image, the Instagram Influencers post stories consistently to attract the users towards them.

If someone is using the stories area to advertise their brand or any products, people are more likely to come to their profile and make a purchase. If we go according to the Instagram Algorithm, then we’ll find that just by posting stories on a daily basis we can attract millions of users and gain profit out of it.

4 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

You could post about random things on your Instagram Story but if you wish to gain from posting stories then you’ll have to play strategically. So here are some tips for the same.

  1. Using Hashtags and Location Tags

You might have noticed that adding Hashtags and Location Tags to your Instagram posts brings more likes, comments, and saves. This happens because your post reaches more people, who don’t even follow you but get to your post when they search for the hashtag. The same rule is applied to Instagram Stories.

When putting hashtags in your story, ensure that you put only 2-3 hashtags not more than that. If you wish to put a lot of Hashtags then you can do it when you post on your feed.

Also, after you’ve put the hashtag on your story and you don’t like how it looks, or if it looks shabby, try to hide it beneath an Instagram Sticker.

As for adding a hashtag, there are 2 ways to do the same:

  • You can either choose a hashtag from the sticker selection drop-down list which appears before you put a story.
  • You can just type # and start typing the hashtag you want to put.
  1. Putting Location Tags

It’s a fact that by adding location tags, you are able to improve your Instagram performance. This feature is also present in the sticker selection drop-down list and you can easily add the location from there.

Putting Hashtags is a simple and easy way to increase your views and visibility.

  1. Saving Significant Stories to Highlights

Instagram displays our story for just a period of 24 hours, after that it automatically vanishes. To keep your story for a long time on your profile, you can add it to your highlights.

This way, whenever someone views your profile they’ll be able to see your highlights. Whenever you add any story of yours to your highlights, it will stay until you decide to remove it.

If you are new to this feature and would like to try it out, there’s a way you can do it. When you open your profile, just below your Instagram Profile you’ll be able to see a circle that says highlights, you can tap on it and add whichever story you would like to.

There’ll be an option to edit highlights too, in case you want to edit it again after some time. There will be an option to edit the cover too, you can add whichever image as the cover of your highlight.

Below are key things to take care of while adding stories to highlights:

  • Make sure you add a cover image to the highlight
  • Ensure that the cover looks attractive so that people would prefer to tap on the highlight and view it.
  • The organization of the highlights is also a very significant aspect.
  • Organize the stories according to the topic so that it’s easy to navigate.
  1. Increasing Engagement through Q/As and Polls

People love to communicate through Instagram Q/A segments and polls. They find it unique and interesting and that’s why they get attracted to any quiz, yes or no, and to the Instagram polls.

Engaging in these kinds of activities excites them and they are more interested in addressing such stories rather than those which just advertise. More people will be motivated to follow you. You can also gain more followers through MegaFamous.

To put polls and stuff like this, you’ll need to look it up on your sticker selection drop-down list. You’ll find all of it over there. Here are the most significant ones that you can use to make your story more engaging:

  • Q/A
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • The slider
  • Chat

The main reason behind putting these on your story is that they give a reason to the viewers to pause for a moment and look at what the story has in store for them.


With this, we conclude and we hope that this article will help you to grow on Instagram. Instagram stories are considered to be a good feature to progress and grow Instagram Engagement. Remember, that consistency is the key and one must be consistent to achieve his/her goal. Post consistently and see the results!

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