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Revolutionising Healthcare Industry with Telemedicine Software

A telemedicine software takes clinical care at home, by connecting patients and doctors in real-time remotely. Through the use of video conferencing and the internet. Telemedicine falls under the umbrella of telehealth. For providing healthcare to patients with mobility issues, such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and people who are far from healthcare centers. Some electronic health records and practice management solutions have included Telemedicine Software as one of their features. Telemedicine provides patients and practitioners with the ability to connect from the comfort of their homes or office. 

Earlier on telemedicine was just confined to phone calls made by patients for an urgent request or after working hours assistance. Today it enables a healthcare provider with a visual connection with the patient to provide an accurate diagnosis. With video conferencing, at-home health monitoring, and remote evaluations. This way travelling time and cost can be saved for patients and reduced administration overheads for doctors and enabled them to visit more patients.

Telemedicine Features Include

Appointment Scheduling: Enabling patients and doctors to connect at a time convenient to both through maintaining a block view calendar with providers’ availability. Patients can schedule appointments through the patient portal. 

Patient records: Record patients’ information such as medication, medical history, allergies, and more through HIPAA compliant software. 

ePrescription: Create and communicate prescriptions electronically.

Medical Billing: Online payment option enables prior submissions or eligibility checks for patients with health insurance for reimbursements.

Patient Portal: For communicating and for management of patient information, such as medications, history, payment, and more.

Telemedicine Software Benefits 

Telemedicine helps patients get the care they deserve, and also help healthcare facilities, hospitals, and practitioners with cost management. Other notable benefits are:

Increase Access to Care for All Types of Patients

Through overcoming geographical barriers and physical limitations. Overall improved patient engagement.

Health care cost is reduced

The telemedicine software program cuts on needless non-pressing ER visits and eliminates transportation costs for regular checkups. In terms of billable hours, medical doctor and practitioner on-call hours now may become billable time if they’re free to talk with patients through telemedicine video meetings. Doctors and health specialists may additionally even receive the ability to make money working from home, similarly cutting back on any overhead costs.

Get Reimbursement from Insurance Companies and Medicare

Medicare reimburses telemedicine services at an equal price because of similar in-person medical services, based totally on the contemporary Medicare health practitioner price schedule. Plus, the facility serving as the originating web page can charge an extra facility price. 

At this time, there are no set general rules for private health insurance businesses concerning telemedicine and whether or not they’re required to reimburse. If a coverage employer lacks a reimbursement policy, it’s recommended to get prior approval before the appointment.

Telemedicine Software Pricing Guide

Determining what medical practices can pay for telemedicine will depend on how many users need, the scale of a practice, and the number of features needed. Most telemedicine software alternatives web-based options, meaning they are cloud-host and have an ongoing subscription rate.

It’s important for a medical practice to first determine a budget for software. This could be a comfortable quantity spendable each month. Remember that price will directly correlate with how superior the device is. Services provided by using a software program provider, consisting of schooling, setup assistance, and any desired device will constantly come at a further price.

The fee of telemedicine software per person starts from $25/month to $600/month. This range reflects the beginning charges of a number of the high-quality telemedicine software applications observed in the market . Also, to upload customers information, medical vendors, and more complicated features, these fees will push upward. Some of these structures may also have minimal consumer necessities.

Hardware costs are constantly greater concerns to take into account while purchasing software programs, as they’re not often include with the software. Equipment needed for a reliable telemedicine initiative in a practice consists of a virtual telescope, webcam, carts, cases, and wall mounts.

Integrate Telemedicine Software with EHR and PM Solutions

To get the overall ability of a telemedicine software program, ensure the gadget integrates together with the present EHR software program or medical practice management software program. Integrations with medical billing software programs are also becoming extra of an opportunity and permit for a fully-connected medical software program surroundings.

One huge gain of the usage of stand-alone solutions is that it allows businesses to pick out a date and pick what functions they need, and be on top of things of any implementation dates. Rather than being pressured to buy an entire package deal on day 1, they can roll out separate structures in phases. Therefore, Finding a software program that integrates with existing infrastructure will assist alleviate any concerns of double-access.

While many telemedicine systems don’t handle any direct billing or accounting directly, many can take easy copays or link with. The current HIPAA compliant accounting software program for full invoicing and charge processing.

Integrated Workflow Through Connected Platforms

  • Schedule the appointment via medical practice control software program
  • Send patient appropriate email communications
  • Verify insurance and eligibility via telemedicine software
  • Video visit with the patient
  • Create clinical charts and submit billing info in EHR software
  • Collect copay and any deposits

Current Trends in Telemedicine Software

The flood of telehealth patients pushed by using the fitness care gadget’s effort to reserve hospitals. And different fitness care centres for humans significantly ill. Examples consist of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or different infectious diseases, wherein health care facilities turn out to be overwhelmed via the extent of response from patients in search of taking care of suspected symptoms (an increase as much as 50% every week). Many patients with non-life-threatening signs and symptoms will asked to schedule telemedicine appointments.

Through an emergency declaration below the Stafford Act and the National Emergencies Act, Medicare insurance. Will now include three kinds of digital offerings: Medicare telehealth visits, online check-ins, and e-visits. Providers will now reimbursed for virtual care at the identical price they are for in-person visits. This will help patients avoid useless workplace or hospital visits. With any luck decreasing the hazard for contracting viruses which include COVID-19.

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