Identity Verification Tips for Employment in a WFH Environment

One of the most important advancements you can make in Employment screening and recruiting is to confirm applicant character before hiring them. 

Overall, the threat of data fraud is real, so you should be diligent in ensuring you know exactly who you’re working with. 

Because there are fewer open avenues for face-to-face engagement in the new remote work scene, the means for authenticating the personality of imminent representatives may be bulkier. In any case, Identity verification services there are specific steps you can take to follow an exhaustive screening and onboarding interaction and obtain comfort about people’s character before they come up or sign in—right from the start. 

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Identity Verification’s Importance in Today’s WFH Environment 

In 2020, the Consumer Sentinel Network of the Federal Trade Commission received more complaints about data fraud than any other sort of deception, according to the Consumer Sentinel Network. Unfortunately, theft of credit cards and government-issued retirement numbers aren’t the only repercussions of fraud. 

Your hiring interaction could also be jeopardized by the actions of “troublemakers,” people who look for loopholes in your hiring process and try to hide a part of their background by posing as someone else. 

You should be far more cautious when confirming personality in a remote job setting when you don’t have the option of meeting up-and-comers and surveying their character records face to face. 

As Bridgette Klein of Willory, an HR staffing firm and a key partner of Corporate Screening, explains, “Even in the early stages of the recruiting process, knowing the character of applicants is crucial. 

Therefore we recommend that companies conduct face-to-face, on-camera new employee checks. It’s a terrific way to ensure that the person you’re meeting is the same person you see when you meet them for the first time.” 

Remote employees are not the only ones that benefit from character verification. Conflicting checks can have a detrimental influence on your working environment, whether you have individuals working on-site, remotely, or a combination of the two. 

Your business could fall victim to any of the following if you don’t have a well-thought-out strategy for doing a personality check throughout the hiring process: 

Candidates that have worked in your industry, such as medical care or financial administration, should be considered.

Those who have falsified their business or instruction records Up-and-comers who have committed violations or other charges under a different identity than the one they presented during the hiring process.

Tips for Remote Workplace Identity Verification 

You don’t have to expose your hiring cycle to the risks of ill-advised character confirmation just because you, your up-and-comers, or both are telecommuting. Make the following measures to ensure the reliability of your screening and hiring process and your association: 

Recognize the basic legal requirements. 

This report satisfies two requirements: It verifies a person’s identity and confirms legal employment authorization in the United States. One of the most critical personality check requirements is completing Form I-9, or the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, which is needed of all U.S. recruits. All businesses should complete Form I-9 within three days of a representative’s first day on the job.

During the in-person onboarding process at an on-site workplace, it’s common to complete Form I-9. However, in a remote setting, you’d like to have an encounter with recruits to ask them to show you their acceptable ID documents so you can check them for validity and legitimacy. 

Using a paperless I-9 framework with the help of your experience screening provider is a wonderful way to finish the process. 

Establish and stick to a set of rules. 

While you must comply with I-9 regulations, you should also devise a plan to stay informed about the people you recruit. For example, you could include criteria for how you’ll work with your screening provider to confirm rival lifestyles. 

Avoiding misconceptions regarding the supplier’s cycles will be easier with a sensible method. It can also assist you in observing how they assess applicant personalities for remote jobs.  


Lead a thorough SSN follow-up with the help of a reputable foundation screening organization. 

Character verification is an essential aspect of a person’s verification. However, depending on the foundation screening organization you choose, a continuous character check may not occur in the way you assume.

The federal retirement aide number (SSN) is an essential tool that your screening provider should use. 

The SSN follow can identify all the individuals and addresses associated with the competitor’s SSN, allowing you to construct a more thorough foundation screening report. 

Employment eligibility verification, remember that not all screening companies approach the SSN in the same way, which is why working with a reputable screening company is so important. 

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