NFT, just a quickie.

What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are advanced versions of digital collectibles online. That includes the online versions of physical objects in real life. They can be monetized and traded across the internet till the end of time. NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies because they are investments made online, but unlike a cryptocurrency, an NFT holds a varying set of rules to that of the other. The tokens differ one from the last depending on their engagement and its trade ability factor.

Benefits of NFT

  • The purchase and the trade of NFTs are very “in” now, meaning there is a lot of exposure to its use cases and its potential to the bank in millions of dollars at the instant of a spike.
  • This could be milked to the fullness of the spectrum it hosts. And the NFT can be decisively anything ranging from arts, memes, tweets, music and the list goes on. The tokens can also be introduced across varying ecosystems for extended exposure. This enables the creators to get more eyeballs on their art and helps them gauge where their art gets more engagement and interaction so they can focus on that region and target that marketplace specifically.
  • The NFT is also backed by blockchain technology, an online ledger that keeps public records of your transactions. This enables the users to weed out any scammers and illegitimate practices that may still be practiced in the traditional centralized transactions.
  • One of the glamorous perks of trading NFTs is the emotional factor which can be leveraged for monetary exchange. People are willing to pay in millions and more for the sole ownership of a rare and unique piece that resonates with them – either for more trading or just to get to own it, for the sake of it.

Why invest in NFTs? And why now?

  • No time like the present. The NFTs are popping up left and right as an opportunity to get your hands on a potential gold mine. There is a very good chance of that being a reality for many who make strategic bets.
  • They increase in popularity as time builds up, and as more people show interest in your NFT, you could leverage that to your advantage and cash out at the best opportune moment.
  • The investments are also public, making it impossible for any refutation from any claim that says otherwise. It is fail-proof in that it is taken into account from the very first activity of its existence into the NFT market to its current holder.
  • The tokens also represent the emotional value attached to them. Imagine you owning a semblance, a trophy, an article from someone who means something to you. Yes, your favorite celebrities are hopping on board, creating NFTs for various causes, and for another chance to reignite your appreciation for them.

No-code NFT launchpads

In the world of ever-evolving and ever facilitating technology to make life easier, the no-code NFT launchpads serve that exact purpose. They are outlets where a creator can upload their art without the hassle of having to code to launch their projects in the NFT marketplace. It is a tiring process with a lot of trials and errors. This introduction of no-code templates can act as a safe haven for creators who want to focus on their art and not have to worry about the coding aspect of it all.

Guardian Link is one such entity that is leading the forefront of the no-code NFT launchpad concept, and it delivers time and again. The features introduced are ahead of the game and thorough for your every last need to launch your own launchpad. The introduction of Anti.Rip AI Spyder technology makes sure to rip out any duplication or cheap replications across every marketplace to maintain your originality and authenticity. 

Let us look at how to create a no-code NFT launchpad.

  • Customize your templates according to your preferences.
  • You can play around with the layout and the design with the multitude of options given to make use of.
  • There is the option for the creator to choose from how they want to sell their projects, either through bidding or fixed prices, and also the number of times it can be marketed. 
  • They mint your projects before launching, and there is also the feature of publishing them across every marketplace.
  • Major wallets can be integrated into your launchpads. And as an extra bonus you could create your own wallet for your market. This enables you to exploit and exhaust all your options to the fullest without having to worry about the legitimacy aspect of the transactions because of the impenetrable security considerations that are part of the features.


To wrap up the digital conglomerate NFTs, they are the “IT” facade in the world of trading, and it is only going to go up and beyond. The possibilities for NFTs as a concept will grow for as long as consumption exists. There is also the factor of relevance. It seems like the opportune moment to grab and take off and/or grow from the experience of NFT trading.

The introduction of no-code NFT launchpads exists for a reason, and you can make them work for you to propel your trajectory to places you never even contemplated. Make use of them.

And more importantly, NFTs are fun. They invoke the same feeling of trading pokemon cards or something similar. It speaks to the warm, nostalgic part of your childhood.


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