What is the seed pokemon walking in the river?

Pokemon is a video game launched by pacman Game freak and it was brought out by Nintendo, the company that created the Pokemon series and its media franchise as well. People were obsessed with its character and it became the most popular animated series across the globe.

Facts about Pokemon:

There are some interesting facts about pokemon which is written below:

  • The word Pokémon means pocket monster because they can easily fit in your pocket and guys it’s a fun fact just imagine that if they are real so how much mess it would create inside your pockets.
  • This game was once banned in Saudi Arabia because it was spreading the concept of polytheism.
  • A pokemon was also made upon world-known cloned sheep Dolly, but that sheep’s name is Wooloo, not Dolly.
  • Pokemon is such a popular series and you guys can imagine its popularity by the cards which were sold when it was first released in 1998. And approximately more than 30 billion cards were sold which is a great success.
  • The first pokemon was not Pikachu. Some people think it was either Rhydon or Arceus. But nobody knows about the exact one.
  • Pokemon was one of the best-sold games because only Mario is the one who sold more cards than  So, it was a huge success for pacman makers.
  • The gold and silver series were probably the last series. But fans wanted to watch it more and demanded the new series again and again.
  • Japanese stories are full of monsters and all so some of those characters became a part of pokemon.

What is the hype about pokemon in the river?

Pokemon is loved by everyone whether celebrities or fans all over the world. Here is an answer to the question: what is the seed pokemon walking in the river is?

The pokemon catch the seed that is seen walking in the river in the detective trailer of Pikachu. This would be an honor for you to catch Bulbasaur with a Treecko experience.

Detective Pikachu and rewards: 

In the movie “Detective Pikachu”, Pokémon is a star and it will be presented in raids. In the trailer of this movie, Pokémon are generated more often as usual. So, psyducks, snubbulls will surely be seen more than usual. Other than them more amazing  such as ludicolo, flareon will be spotted.  Charmander, growlithe, cubone, aipom, etc will improve the rates of spawn for some passage of time. If you guys will be playing in Europe then you will find Mr. Mimes all over the place with you.

How to get the detective hat of Pikachu?

To acquire detective hat Pikachu you only need to click some pictures in a specific mode

Press (AR +) and the Pikachu will pop up and photobomb your pictures and it will spawn through the world map soon after. This procedure will be applied for smeargle as well as Ash hat Pikachu. This hat will spawn in feral also.

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