Next big thing in interior designing: prediction of new trends in interior design

When you are moving from one year to another, you can find a lot of changes in several fashion trends, designs, development, working approaches, and many more. One fine example to explain the new possibilities is the adoption of remote working in corporate culture. Who could have thought that big MNCs could also work remotely? Now that you have witnessed almost everything changing, then why not expect a change in interior designs. Lighting stores in Bangalore are adding many things to their collections to match the new trends in interior design.

If you are also browsing for some interesting new trends and the next big thing in interior design, then you are in the right place. In this editorial, you will get to comprehend a few interior design ideas that will captivate the market in 2022. Whether it is a simple Table lamp or a geometric design, you will get to know about all the latest buzz in interior design. Read the complete guide to understand the future of interior design.

Loud & Wowed

The upcoming years in interior design are going to be glooming. The minimalistic design will no more be a part of the interior design in the future. You would find some softness in the design, but the major part of the design would be speaking out loud and creating a statement. You should get ready for surrealism and progress in design. The trends like Avant Basic are more in buzz right now, as it adds a boost to the mood.

Integration of lighting

Lights have always been a significant part of interior designs. You can find several designs of lighting to add essence to the design. However, several designs still used natural lights. But in the subsequent years, you will find more use of lights; ambient lighting is in trend used in most designs.

Table Lamps as an important part

If you think table lamps are outdated and don’t have any significance, you need to check out some of the latest design trend images. Most of them include table lamps with long arch and contemporary designs. This brings a whole new significance to the interior designs. Table lamps are mostly used in living spaces and bedrooms.

Green has become the new neutral colour

The colour green has turned out to be the new neutral colour for the house’s interior. Most of the designs these days have a green theme in them. Previously homes with emeralds were more vibrant and offered tranquillity. But now, usage of green has increased with the integration of several interior plants in the spaces.

The Geometric grid 

Adding Geometric grids and shapes in the interior is another design trend. You can find a use of clear lines and shapes in the interior with proper lighting to distinguish those lines. Geometric grids are adaptable and define the modern lifestyle of people. You can also use the same trend and then add lighting from lighting stores in Bangalore to create new aesthetics.


In conclusion, these are the next big that you can expect in interior design in upcoming years. Now that you are already aware, you can also use these ideas in your design.

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