Different Ideas for Closets Around Your New Home?

Have you noticed that every time you get into your bedroom you may see something lying here something lying there even though you have multiple storage spaces in your home? Yes, this happens a lot because we abruptly store every item that cannot be fitted into the space again once it was or you have limited storage ideas. The solution to this ongoing problem is to have a built- in bigger closet, which doesn’t take most of the space and can store everything you want to place from shoes to books or any electronics or anything smaller or bigger. Hire an expert team from the panel of Best interior fit out companies in Dubai or Residential interior design Dubai if you are planning to design a built- in closet into your new modern home. Here are some of the tips to make you help during this process.

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How to Organize Wardrobe:

The best thing about a closet or wardrobe is that you can store anything there from a simple nail cutter to the pair of shoes you will be wearing the next day. The wardrobe can be organized by systematically arranging your garments like matching jeans or shirts in the same block or you can do that just putting all of your jeans in a side and shirts or related stuff like gloves, shawls, uppers or any other on the other side then put all of your shoes on the lower rack and put out your essentials like towel or hat on the hanger, you can also store there your quilts or blankets, pillows so you can easily take them out wherever needed.

  • Mahogany design closets:

Mahogany wood is an addition to the new trends so you can install the drawers or shelves made up of this wood with having carpeting like rugs to maintain the softness of the design. Another design is to add the full or medium- sized mirror to the front side of the wardrobe so it’s easy to get ready in front of this and it can also be used to cover the malfunctioning of the wardrobe or closet if there is any.

  • Add Some Lights:

Another item to add is to some of the trending lights like mood lights, soft warm lights or bright ceiling fluorescent lights. These all kinds of lights can add to the beauty and sharpness of the wardrobe design and style. You can also install some of the lights inside the wardrobe so it’s convenient for you to find anything fast whenever you need it. You can also place some of the table or side lamps near to the closet so its dim light can have an impact on the overall beauty of the room as well as the wardrobe.

  • Capacity of the Wardrobe:

This is an important aspect to look at it because the basic purpose of the wardrobe is to store items. Or necessaries so if it gets fail to store properly it must be of no use. The basic principle of interior and décor is that ” less is more” so you don’t have to buy. Or install anything you want into your home but you have to analyses if it’s suitable or not. Most people just focus on the design or trend and they cannot use a specific item. As it can be if it’s simple or according to the standards. Before buying or installing any closet or wardrobe you must know that either it can store all of your stuff. Or not then install it otherwise it can be replaced with something else that is useful. Also, it’s helpful because you know you have a dress for any of the events. That are coming so you don’t have to buy a new one in a hurry. So there must be a wardrobe in your bedroom to organize all of your mess.

  • Benefits of Having a Wardrobe:

There are many benefits of the wardrobe if you have installed it properly into your space. It can save your time because when you spend less time on shopping. You will end up having a lot of time for yourself plus it will also save your money. So you don’t have to spend a lot on stupid items because you have an idea of what you already have. And what you need most after arranging the closest of your room.


These are some of the important tips about setting up. And having a wardrobe the most important thing is that. You don’t have to see all the mess or clutter in your room just lying here. And there because you know everything is arranged and at its place now. Hire an experienced team from Interior Design Consultancy Dubai to take help. In this regard for building a closet or wardrobe into your bedroom or any other corner.

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