How the IPL has gone on to benefit Indian cricket?

IPL has gone on to benefit Indian cricket, and it is there to stay big time. Ever since its inception in the year 2008, it has gone on to capture world cricket by storm. Such has been the popularity of the league that a separate window is being proposed by the Indian board. No one stands in comparison to BCCI and it has drawn in a lot of entertainment value. It is the king of all the T 20 cricket leagues of the world. One thing is, after watching today IPL match video, a fact worth mentioning and people continue to benefit from the same. Let us understand them in detail.

Financial benefits at a massive level

There are numerous benefits, for the players, BCCI, coaches and the support staff. The interesting point is that BCCI has paid a record 2.5 crore in taxes in the last 11 years of the league. The broadcast and sponsorship rates are at an all-time high. This has gone on to ensure that BCCI has gone on to become the powerhouse in world cricket. As a one time benefit, the BCCI went on to pay. The BCCI continued by giving the former players a one-time reward worth 110 crores. For the retired and ex-cricketers, the amount, which could range from 25 lakhs to 1.5 crores, turns out to be a blessing in disguise. At the time, the Indian cricket market was not particularly lucrative.

Quality money for the players involved

There is no question that the players themselves gain the most from the IPL. In terms of popularity and prize money, it is by far one of the top cricket leagues in the world. Its current status has been ensured by a large number of parties. Be mindful that the league lasts for six weeks, and evaluate the financial commitment. It involves the number of games involved and the duration. It ranks among the top five sports leagues in the world for broadcast rights per game. The recent record-breaking payment for the IPL’s digital rights is evidence of this.

Due to the financial stakes involved, top-tier international cricketers prefer to play in the league.

But a point worth mentioning is that IPL has been a revelation when it comes to the pay scales of the domestic players. A lot of stories have come to the fore where they have turned out to be a rag to riches. The likes of Mohammed Siraj to Pawan Negi are some of the names that come to the fore. They have raked in a lot of money due to the precise fact that they are worthy of the same. But let us dig deep into the same at a later point in time. Another example of a player is Robbie Uthappa, who was not part of the Indian cricket team. Within a short span of time, due to his exploits in the IPL, he went on to make a decent sum of money.

This has gone on to formulate multiple effects on other players who have been part of the cricket league. Since there is less number of spots available in an IPL team, some popular domestic players have found the going tough. Even though they have gone on providing service to the domestic teams but the big money of IPL tends to allude to them in a major way. One of the names of the players that comes to mind is C Pujara, along with Ishant Sharma. The irony of Pujara is that he cannot get an IPL contract despite the fact that he is one of the most important batsmen in the Indian cricket team after Kohli. So the BCCI has gone on to figure out the annual retainer amount in a big way.

Ancillary benefits

A recent report brought to light the naming of a few stores in Chennai after well-known Indian cricketers. The CSK jersey was the principal product sold in these stores. Be it the tea sellers, the guy selling ice creams, or the common sports show, all of them have benefitted from the presence of the IPL in a major way. It would be fair to say that it has gone on to be the bread and butter of a million people in a direct or indirect way.

The end beneficiary happens to be Indian cricket.

Yes, the IPL has been a sort of evolution of sorts, but the benefits to Indian cricket have nothing been outstanding. The skills of the players, their mentality, and the skill sets of the coaches, along with their mentality, have reported a major increase. Even the expertise of the coach, along with the support that has gone on to increase, has been going on to improve drastically. This improvement is attributed to the IPL in a major way.

With the emergence of the IPL it was a common sight to see a couple of domestic players rubbing their shoulders with international standards. This did help them to improve their career and learn more about the game in detail. During the starting stages, they would be intimated, but slowly they realized they were human beings too. They gradually began to laugh together and realised that they were all in the same situation.

The IPL has limitations in place that restricts four foreign players, and so there is a spot of 7 Indian players. Any player cannot be offered to be a weak link in the team. The players have to be conscious, and their performance needs to be on top year after year. Even the players would be conscious as the platform happens to be a great one when it comes their performance in this league.

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