Golf Bag Comparison – Carry and Stand Bags – Which Is Best?

We have recently tested and compared to some greatest new gulf chests (village/drain Cheway Light. One of the seals that you have to choose one of them, and it was easy. We have been judged anyone of Price, volume in height, number of parts, parts and number provided. The results were a little ranked, as we ranked Sun Mountain Bag # 1, and the new Newson Staff Tour Carry Question Game # 2 Dies last is the bag title (though this bag is made of Sun Mountain!).

We love SUN Mountain’s because of 3.5 lbs, it is the brightness of the set of 9.5 high divisions of combinations. The Bilson Staff Tour Car Dar Car Carry Scored High Scores, because of $ 119.95, this is the best deal with a 9.5 content. Negative so it weighs a very 2 lbs more than the sun mountain bag.

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Our rankings:

# 1 – Sun Mountain Super Light 3.5

# 2 – Wilson Staff Tour Carry

# 3 – Callaway Warbird Xtt XTra Lite

# 4 – Nike Extreme Light II

# 5 – Taylormade Monza

# 6 – title list x87

The Short Reviews Listed in each bag:

# 1 – Sunmountain Super Light 3.5 Stand / Carry Bag-2008

Re-designed before 2008, the 3.5 bag refregers a new TPR grips down and the MUL PAD designed with the windows affixed by kw back.

Designning Change in 2008:

New TPR matching
New hip pad designed with windows causing air along along
Ball liner
New, Wider Dikke Cary Tie for more emergency aid
9.5 “Oval 6-Way Top W / patented integral stable with the breeding area in bags
Taking a band over the bag, on through thrust toward the gravity center results in a better balance bag and more convenient
New TPR Integrated Top Address (for handy for/in)
7 Pockets including (Brooking Broexuse, Power Subscribe Broekushuis, Full-Length pockets, ball pocket, Pocket multiple accessories
X-Strap Dual System Strap with new wider, thick seat belts for more comfort
Ball liner
Top Detty leg mechanism added stability
Lightweight, high-accessed aluminum legs w / triangular non-slip foot pads
Patent Roller Low leg Mechanism
Full-the length of the Fak Shield
Lumbar Support Hold Pad
Graphite shot in the protection of
Pen Holders & Pot lead holds
umbrella holds
Towel holds
Matching Rain hood

# 2 – Wilson employees Tour Carry Bag-2008

New 2008, Wilson Staff Tour Carry Bags appear in a 5-way Divide system and eye-wrapping system.


The ultimate combination of lightweight performance, strength, and convenience
5-way dividing the eye of the mill-wrapped in the protection of
Simple-to-operate, stable, and spring action stand
6 Pockets including waterproof, no-h20 pockets, full-length pockets
Eightly Mar 5.5 Lbs
Is a: White, orange, reddish, navy and black

# 3 – Callaway Warbird Txt XTRA-Lite Bag

All the new Xtra lite very light (3.9 lbs) and demonstrated the new TXT Flex FOOT stand activation system.

Very light (3.9 lbs) and feature a new TXT Flex-Foot Activation System, which keeps the basis of the peaks in contact with the grounds of activation and larger stability. Also offers new 1 or 2 belt-irritation, the most operative municipality single / two belt options on the market.


8 inches oval surface with 6-way, full-length system
6 pockets including hidden pocket items
Lightweight Multi-material (Nylon / Polyester) with LIG 3-stay building frames
Matching Travel / Rein Hood, Glove Holds, Umbrella Holds
TXT Flex Foot Stand Activation Square for a larger force
1 of 2 strap-Oology – Single or two in belt options

# 4 – Nike Xtreme Light II Tak-a Bag-2008

Xtreme Light II bag shows more than minimize, strength and ultra and ultra-light only 3.9 lbs.


Individual, 14-way, full-length department
Walking Geck glasses for walking or riding
Nike do AWESOME AIR Technology in running double leash
10 well-placed pockets (including a bottle of the bottle pocket and cold pockets)
New Dual Durocate, Wide Tascasis
Waterproof matter pocket
Golf Ball Quick Access Manica
Integrated TEE Holding
Logo Credest Compatible

# 5 – TaylorMade Monza Stean Bag-2008

The Monza Stand bag appears on a 7 street, full-length sealed surface.


Satin completed polyester with 420 product production
Two colors 7-way fused nylon on the full-length shield
Power Lined case pocket
Integrated standing system
Satyn Klouter metal TaylMaade-Ecix Ipipper Pull
Isolated water bottle pocket
Eva melts the back wall
6 pockets
Weighs Weymann 6.2
Are in single or double in the belt

# 6 – Title list X87 Stand BAG-2008

Full side of all the bells and larging for funders to enjoy a single round of a Carrimata. Color coordinate with fashionable polyester cloth for premium quality and stability required by title list script. Functions: Material: Polyester Weight: 6.2 lbs. Six Mark mark: //www.bestbuofbufalls.com]] To provide logo-golf customers a speedy service to the customer service on the customer. It all started with the red term golf course in Michigan in 1948 when our father received his first professional job. He knows that you must have the best choice, offer the unique service and price of your honest products.

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