From robot soccer to speedgate, these sports of the future already exist

From robot soccer to speedgate, these sports of the future already exist

From the metaverse to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), new technology is endlessly changing how we live our lives — and one of the biggest arenas where that’s playing out is sport.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological innovations, new high-tech sports are kicking off around the world. From robots taking the field to play soccer, to pilot-controlled drones racing one another, like humans, machines are proving to have their own competitive streak.
AI can now even create new sports, from the strategy and rules of the game to the layout of the playing field.
Additionally, the government itself cannot escape accountability here either:
Additionally, the government itself cannot escape accountability here either. The depleted infrastructure of the lower courts dissuades even the most passionate young lawyers from the legal profession. The sheer lack of facilities, even the most basic ones, such as clean toilets, is most humiliating and degrading. No effort has been made by the government to facilitate female lawyers to continue their practice after giving birth, such as quality day care centres within the court premises with competent and trained staff.

You can prepare yourself to cultivate curiosity by:

  • Reminding yourself that you don’t have to be right, you just have to be curious.
  • Considering it an asking moment rather than a teaching moment when a client asks you a question.

In addition, use statements and questions such as the following:

  • Where’s your energy settling? What would you like to dive into?
  • What if we see what’s under this rock?
  • It seems as though there was one more advantage you mentioned to your current environment…
  • How does that show up for you?
  • If it’s O.K. with you, let’s not talk about the goal. Instead, can you tell me about your relationship to it?
  • What does it feel like to slip that on?
  • Take me to that place…
  • I am hearing you have experience with “that.” Please share with me a time you were experiencing success.
  • What do you sense would be applicable from then to now?
  • Which of your personal strengths can we bring to bear on this?

Curiosity fortified with non-judgment provides us with an unshakeable foundation on which we can collaborate and engage our clients in a way that supports their ability to discover their unique personal key to the change they seek. Non-judgment is about acceptance, which is a core component of motivational interviewing.

Clients often show up to us in search of a superhero. Meet them with non-judgment powered by curiosity to uncover and ignite the champion within them.


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Speedgate -- invented by computers, played by humans.

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