Why I Liked Annapurna More Than Everest

.The confusion that most adventure enthusiasts face is choosing between the Annapurna trek and the Everest base camp trek. But at the end of the day most people end up with the Annapurna trek, here are the reasons why Annapurna is preferred over the Everest base camp trek.


The trail


When we talk about the Everest trail, it takes you through trials that we are not in regular use, passing by knife-like peaks all through, crossing fluttering prayer flags, climbing up to higher altitudes, glacial water body and finally the stunning view that holds your breath for a second every time you meet them with your eyes.


While Annapurna,  it is not such a tiring trek if your mountaineering skills are some of the commendable ones. There are comparatively very few steep climbs and the average height is much lower.

You have a variety of options to choose the path that you want to trail rather than getting stuck with just the very common one. Most of the trails don’t exceed 2000 mts and descending on is much gradual and gentler. 


Reaching the destination 


In the initial days, reaching the base was really a herculean task, there weren’t many facilities nor roads to reach. In recent times due to its fever among the trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, as people flow have increased, transportation facilities are made and you can opt for a flight journey from Kathmandu. It offers a spectacular aerial view of the peaks with snow all over.


Whereas reaching Annapurna is much easier. The base is located at Pokhara,a small village resting on the banks of the Phewa lake. You can simply take a bus or a flight from Kathmandu to reach this place. And if you want, just relax in the lap of the village near the lake.


The view


Everest presents you with magnificent views of the majestic mountains. It takes you through the most scenic path presenting you with breathtaking views and astonishing you every moment in your trail.

Trailing through the Gokyo lakes, that literally surround you on all sides, will be presented after tiring your calves and thighs. 


While Annapurna presents you with the totally different side of the Himalayas, though you get to see gigantic snow-covered peaks, they all stand at the backdrop and give you a background view.

The Annapurna circuit trek will take you through rich and fertile lower foothills passing through rice fields, oak forests, rhododendrons trees blooming in red and pink during spring.

Apart from that, the incredible sight of machapuchare and the magnificent dhauladhar helps you rejoice in the total trek.


The people 


The valleys around Everest are home to sherpa and Buddhist monasteries, and you can feel the strong dominance of intense spirituality in these places. The Tibetan traders still keep visiting the bazaars and of course you’ll find professional planning and preparing for their climb.


While in Annapurna, the trail passes through so many rural settlements. Where people of the farming communities are sharing their livelihoods with nature. You’ll also get to meet the Gurung people when you reach the ghandruk village. Apart from that, you’ll also feel the strong Buddhist dominance here also, with chants here and there. You’ll get to experience more local flavours in Annapurna when compared to that of Everest. 


What Else?


The Annapurna trek is a long trekking season and the problem of getting affected by acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness is considerably less. Moreover, you have quick exit points. Which are easily accessible in case you have to drop the trek due to emergency situations. 


This trek is much easier and has nicely crafted stairs as trails to comfort your legs while you trail through.  It is also well maintained and the streets of the base camps are not dusty. And people are also less in that area, thus you can enjoy your trek at peace and bliss. 

Most of the trekkers who take up this trek don’t come here to plant their flag. But to embrace the challenge and the beauty that it offers. Being the tenth highest peak it is filled with numerous challenges all through the trail. 


This trial will take you to views that are not identical like distinct weather conditions. And different river crossings, varied species of flora and fauna which is something. That you can spend your energy on and makes it a trek worthy of attention. 


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