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What to eat when your stomach hurts?

An aching stomach is the worst, isn’t it? Along with it, diarrhea, cramps, constipation, and other common symptoms of digestive disorders can make you feel worse. These include Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), pregnancy, gastric surgery, acid reflux, etc. What you eat can cause or trigger these conditions. It’s critical to keep a healthy and balanced diet if you’re prone to gastric issues. Knowing your dietary needs can help you design your diet according to your needs.

7 foods for an upset stomach

1.      White Rice

Whole grain or brown rice is known to be healthier than white rice. However, whole grains are harder to digest and aren’t the best choice to eat when your stomach is acting up, as it can worsen your digestive problems. White rice contains a good amount of energy and protein and is easy to digest. Plain white rice without any added oil or fat is easily digestible. If you want to add any toppings, do it with caution. Find those that are most suitable for you.

2.      Toast

Just like rice, a simple white bread toast is a good option to have on an upset stomach as it’s high in fiber. Brown bread or whole wheat bread is healthier, but when you’re feeling unwell due to digestion, white bread is better as it passes your digestive system with ease. Plain toast without any butter or spreads is usually more suitable for most people.

3.      Eggs

With or without stomach problems, eggs are full of protein and great for your health. They’re easy to digest if your stomach is upset due to a virus. Ensure to cook the eggs in low-fat milk as other fats such as butter or oil may make it harder for your stomach to digest them.  

4.      Oatmeal

Fiber-rich and easily digestible, consuming oatmeal is a good idea to ease stomach distress. Moreover, oatmeal also provides essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin K, E, and B, along with minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, etc. Dietary fiber present in the oatmeal also aids digestion.

5.      Chicken

As lean protein contains no fiber, it can be useful for people with IBS. It provides a variety of vitamins and minerals. Skinless chicken is better than chicken with skin as it has low fat.

6.      Applesauce

Eating a whole apple may seem like a healthy idea, but not on an upset stomach. The insoluble fiber in a whole apple can contribute to your digestive issues. Though cooking the apple breaks down the fiber, so that it passes through your stomach easily.

7.      Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and many other vital vitamins and minerals. They don’t irritate your stomach lining and aid digestion, as they have carbohydrates that can break down effortlessly. Bananas also promote good bacteria that help with digestion by providing good bacteria in the digestive tube.

What causes digestive disorders?

Diet is a key reason for the occurrence of digestive issues. Sensitivity to certain foods such as lactose in dairy products can lead to stomach issues. Furthermore, overeating, eating too fast, or not chewing your food properly can also lead to digestion problems. Pregnancy, infections, and chronic health problems such as IBS and GERD can also cause these disorders. If you’re experiencing an upset stomach often, consult a Gastroenterologist in Lahore or a Gastroenterologist in Karachi to get to the root cause of it.

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