The Beginner’s Guide to Start Forex Trading

Does it strike you that millions of traders in the market out there are trading foreign currency? You might have heard of the great potential and the attractive audience that the forex market has gathered over the years. It’s true that the notoriety of the forex market has made it an appealing option for newbie and veteran traders alike to enter the forex market and reap the benefits of it. Without further ado, equip yourself with just the right knowledge you need to earn your piece of financial benefit from this goliath of an opportunity. 

Understand the terms

There are several terms that need understanding before a budding trader gets to trading. The forex market has a fair share of these terms, knowing which would boost your understanding of how the market operates and is necessary to learn for you to get to the major leagues of trading. Some of these are mentioned below that will help you get started on your learning journey: 

  • Forex quotes:

    The price of one currency in terms of another. When looking at a forex quote exists in pairs where one currency is the base currency and the other is the variable currency. The idea of forex works by comparing values of currencies with each other, hence the pairs of currencies are traded in the market.

  • Bid and ask price:

    Bid (sell) price that the 

  • The spread:

    Purchasing price of a currency is usually higher than the selling price of it. Likewise, the spread is the difference between the two prices, and it is where the broker makes money by executing the trade.

  • Direct vs indirect quotes: 
  • Pips/points:

    A pip (or point) is a one-digit change that occurs in the fourth decimal place of a currency’s value. This is somewhat similar to a unit that traders typically refer to when talking about changes of value in a currency pair, such as the GBP/USD rallied 50 points yesterday.

  • Leverage:

    Leverage allows trade to occur while only portions of it are put up by the traders. This means that a small investment of capital can result in the control of a larger trade position. Gains and losses are both magnified by using leverage.

  • Margin:

    The difference between the entire value of your position and the cash is given to you by the broker. This is the amount of money required to open a leveraged position.

  • Margin call:

    A margin call occurs when the total capital deposited, plus or minus any profits or losses dips below a specified level (margin requirement).

  • Liquidity:

    Liquidity is the ability of a pair of currencies to be bought and sold easily on the market indeed. Because there are several participants holding the same currency pair.

Learn Tools and Gain Technical Knowledge

With a trusted platform on the web, a trader can learn about the ins and outs of the forex market. Moreover, there are several tools at a trader’s disposal. And harnessing their knowledge makes a significant difference between a profitable trade or the undesirable opposite. 

A steady initial step is to acquaint yourself with the market’s dynamics. You can use a demo account, which allows a rookie trader to trade and gain exposure in a real environment. This means trading in a risk-free environment, and receiving an experience relevant to the market through the demo account. Needless to say, it’s an excellent way for new traders to build their confidence.  Moreover, by learning Forex trading and also developing tactics while gaining a better understanding of the market.

Picking The Right Partner In Trade

Having gone thoroughly over risk-free trading and techniques to succeed in forex, our recommendation for a broker is Graphene Fx. Originated when a gathering of financial maestros with over a decade of involvement with the trade industry met up to offer the best service of assistance and trade for other traders, merchants, monetary foundations and worldwide banks. It is approved by National Futures Association (NFA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It has several fail safes like Savior Card (which lets you undo a recent trade), forex chart patterns, RSI charts and current finance news to help you make the most reliable trades and maximize your earnings. 


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