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Panel for Air Ducts and Its Construction Materials

Panel for Air Ducts and Its Construction Materials

Air ducts are use in ventilation, heating, air conditioning to extract and supply air. Required air flow rates include, for example, supply, exhaust, and exhaust. The ducts also provide ventilation air as part of the air supply. Air ducts are a means of ensuring satisfactory indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

The construction materials are as follows:

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is a typical and standard material used in conduit fabrication. For insulation reasons, the metal channels are line with fiberglass blankets or wrappe on the outside with fiberglass blankets.

Double wall duct is used on request.


Aluminum channels are quick and easy to install. Additionally, unusual shapes or uses of channels can be produce directly on site or in a mold. Duct construction begins by drawing the contour of the duct on the pre-insulated aluminum panel.

Phenolic and polyurethane insulating panels

Traditionally, air ducts are make of metal sheets, which are first laid and then insulate with insulation. Today, a sheet metal factory can generally fabric duct manufacturers and then cover it with aluminum foil before installation. However, channels made from inflexible insulation panels do not require additional insulation and can be fix in one step.

Fiberglass Duct Panel

The fiberglass channel panel provides integrated thermal padding and the interior surface absorbs sound, helping to keep the FIVAC system quiet. The channel strip is forme by lowering a specially design knife with the strip using a ruler as a regulator.

If you want to clean the air ducts yourself


If you want to clean the air ducts yourself, here are some tips that can help you. Cut two access vents, one in the main supply duct and one in the main return duct next to the heater. Then connect a powerful vacuum system to these openings. Make sure all vacuum system vents are close to create a negative pressure in the duct system. Open each vent to gain access to the ducts. Clean dust and debris from the air ducts using the vacuum cleaner nozzles. Then close the vent. Now clean the motor, blower and all other components. After cleaning, close the vents in the access panel.

If your air ducts are infested with mold


If your air ducts are infeste with mold, dust mites and bugs, you should call in a professional air duct cleaner. This way, you can be sure that the duct system is safe to use after cleaning and disinfecting. Breathing in mold and mildew can be deadly. Parasites bring bacteria and germs that can also be inhale. It is also important to clean the air ducts regularly. This keeps the air fresh and protects the duct system from wear and tear.

Flexible channels

Flexible tubes are generally made of flexible plastic on a coil of metal wire to form a tube. They have various contours. In the United States, the insulation is usually glass wool, but in other markets such as Australia, glass wool and polyester fiber are used for thermal insulation.

Fabric channels

It is an air distribution element and is not designed as an air conditioning duct. Therefore, the term “tissue channel” is somewhat misleading; the tissue air distribution system may be the most successful name. Although it often replaces hard drivers, it is easily seen as a fast driver. Usually made of a polyester material, they can provide even air conditioning distribution and mixing in a space than a conservative duct system.


The external channels open to the elements are finished in sheet steel coated with a zinc / aluminum alloy; fiber-reinforced polymer, multilayer laminate or other waterproof coating.

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