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AI helping to assignments

Whether you’re a student or browsing “cheap assignment help”, nothing is more surprising than coming across something like AI and the role it has been playing in assisting academicians. Most people think of it and immediately have their minds go to something like the Terminator with Skynet taking over. However, the role of AI in the education sector is a lot less dramatic. Also, it isn’t taking over the world despite what sci-fi enthusiasts might think. Nevertheless, can AI help with assignments?

Artificial intelligence in education

Today, artificial intelligence is not something that’s unheard of. After all, intelligent machines do surround us. So, whether you’re looking at social media platforms, search engines, self-driving cars and even help with assignments, you’ll find something relevant to AI almost everywhere.

As a result, we’re seeing an increase in demand from academicians to integrate AI with education. In response, Jisc and Bolton College, one known for AI-based cloud services and the latter developed chatbot, Ada, came together to create an AI centre.

Jisc aims “to lead the way for artificial intelligence (AI) in education, and coordinate the efforts by focusing on technical assistance and implementation.”

Artificial intelligence, of course, has many key benefits that lend themselves to assignment writing, such as:

  • Reduction in errors
  • Availability of key academic theories
  • Speed of learning
  • Quick relevant searching

Although these are just a few of them, we can see the positives that AI has to offer. For instance, it is accessible 24/7 and minimises the chances of errors.

Is the goal of AI to help students with assignments?

Before we get ahead of ourselves by seeking cheap assignment help, we need to understand the objective of AI. Artificial intelligence is not something we can produce at a low cost, so let’s go over some ways the education sector can benefit from it:


There are several ways an AI can benefit the education industry, though the focus of the Jisc is to assist by reducing staff workload. For example, Bolton College is already using the AI called Ada to help students.

Ada, the artificial assistant, is based on the current project as it uses the same technology. However, just what can Ada do? Well, for students asking questions about their studies, it could do quite a bit. For example, questions about timetables and exam schedules became an easy way for students to remain up to date and help with assignments planning. Not only that, but receiving responses to questions about subject topics is also possible with Ada. It even integrates components of GCSE results, thus allowing students to access them easily.

For now, artificial intelligence has already been introduced in high schools. Soon, it may be possible to implement and use it in universities to assist the students with their technical tasks.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology, with use cases spanning only several industries. The future goal of Bolton College is to provide support with studies and training. However, as of right now, AI is not designed to serve as cheap assignment help. On the other hand, this does not mean AI can never help students. It just means AI is in its final trial phase.

Would artificial intelligence be a good help with assignments? | Pros vs. cons

Despite the buzz surrounding the topic of AI, we’re still a long way off from having it become cheap assignment help for students. However, I’m not going to downplay the possible benefits or drawbacks of having an AI do your work for you. I mean, it has already been used to produce online articles and news stories, which means it can write pretty well. However, the system still exhibits technical issues, like data scarcity, which need to mitigate.


Not only is it good at producing written work, but it can also be helpful for the students wishing to save time on technical assignments. Here are some of the potential benefits for those seeking help with assignments:

  • Organised information
  • Personalised learning
  • Reducing errors

This means artificial intelligence can help students complete their projects at a relatively quicker pace. At the same time, it also can conduct extensive research relevant to an area of research. Thus, the use of AI could improve time management and allow students to be efficient in following other academic pursuits. For instance, you can rely on the AutoCorrect feature to correct capitalisation errors, typos, and misspelt words.


Despite the several benefits AI provides, the negative results associated with it cannot be something a student avoids. Producing AI with the expectations of help with assignments is unrealistic right now. Yes, artificial intelligence writers exist, but they come with their fair share of problems and struggles. AI requires a lot of trial and error to successfully pull off human-like behavior. It’s expensive, and one cannot make the same decisions a human would when dealing with tough choices.


Thus, if you’re expecting A to finish your assignment, you’re better off seeking help from online writers. We can only hope the future holds interesting technological advancements. Perhaps your search for help with assignments will lead you away from AI and in other directions.

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