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How to Design Your Website for Better Local SEO?

Local businesses need a strong online presence to thrive. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But did you know that your website’s design plays a crucial role in local SEO success?

You heard it right!

Whether by improving user engagement or by securing top places on SERPs, local SEO and web design can help businesses grow their potential. If you know how to use them right, they can give you more benefits than you can count.

So, let’s delve into the strategies and best practices of local SEO in this blog post. These tips help you design your website for better local SEO. Seek a reputable web design agency in Perth as a starting point, and everything else will unfold on its own.

Here’s what you must know about website designing!

1. Mobile-Friendly Design 

Mobile-friendliness is a top priority when designing your website for local SEO. With the increasing use of smartphones, Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in its search results.

So, you must ensure your website is responsive, as in adapting to different screen sizes and devices. But remember that a responsive design not only pleases Google but also provides its users. Better user experience for mobile visitors means potentially increasing your local customer base.

2. Optimize Page Loading Speed 

Page loading speed is an influential factor in local SEO and overall user satisfaction. You wouldn’t wait for a website that takes a minute to load, would you? It’s the same with your users as well.

Slow-loading websites often deter visitors, which can harm your SEO rankings. So, you must optimize your loading speed. Consider what a professional web design agency in Perth does to improve page speed:

  • Compressing images and utilizing the right file formats.
  • Minimizing HTTP requests.
  • Leveraging browser caching.
  • Using content delivery networks (CDNs).
  • Reducing unnecessary scripts and plugins.

3. Location-Based Keywords

We are all very well aware that keyword research is a prime aspect of SEO, local or international. Effective keyword research ensures your success in reaching your target audience.

In local SEO, experts incorporate location-based keywords strategically throughout their websites, including meta titles, descriptions, headings, and content. For example, if you are a web design agency, phrases like “Best web design agency in Perth” or “website design in Geelong” can help you rank better for local searches.

4. Create an Engaging Contact Page

Your contact page is an unforgettable part of your website for local SEO. It is how your customers can reach you. In fact, a website is useless if you don’t provide a means of communication.

Therefore, you must make it easy for visitors to find your contact information, including your business name, address, phone number, and email. Because you are a local business, consider embedding a Google Maps widget to provide clear directions to your physical location. This information must be consistent across all online platforms and directories to boost your local SEO.

5. Optimize Images and Alt Text 

Images are not just about aesthetics; they also play a role in local SEO and website design. So, use high-quality, relevant images on your website, especially in local content. Ensure that image file names and alt text include location-based keywords where appropriate.

This not only helps visually enhance your website but also enables better search engine rankings.

6. User-Friendly Navigation 

A well-structured and user-friendly navigation menu is essential for any website. It helps both users and search engines easily find relevant content on your website.

Organize your menu logically, and consider incorporating location-based categories if applicable. For instance, a restaurant website might have sections like “Menu,” “Locations,” and “Contact.”

If you have any trouble with your website’s navigation, seek your web design agency in Perth immediately. 

7. Secure Your Website 

Website security is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. To improve local SEO and protect your visitors, ensure your website uses HTTPS. Google prefers secure websites, and it can positively impact your search rankings. You can obtain an SSL certificate from your hosting provider to enable secure browsing.

8. Social Media Integration 

Integrate your social media handles with your site. Include social media icons and share buttons on your pages and blog posts. Active engagement on social platforms can improve your local SEO, as it increases your online presence and interaction with the local community.

Considering Hiring a Web Design Agency in Perth? 

You can count on Make My Website, whether for SEO or web designing services. They have a wide range of experts related to different specialities of websites. Be it web development, content marketing, or local SEO, MMW can help you achieve your goals.

Speaking about website design in Geelong specifically, businesses are taking advantage of local SEO to an impressive extent. So, use the opportunity before the competition gets intense.

Designing your website for better local SEO is a smart investment for any local business. 

Set up a call with one of MMW’s experts and discuss the needs of your business. Good luck!

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