How does a locksmith make a car key?

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Misplacing your key can be quite a big reason to worry. Thousands of individuals lose their keys every day across the country, so having a backup plan is essential. Some people do this by keeping a spare key on hand, but what if you don’t have one before you lose your key?

You’ll want someone to assist you with manufacturing a new car key in these scenarios. A qualified and certified locksmith company has the knowledge and equipment needed to make automobile keys, and here’s how they do it:

Examining the vehicle and finding the correct blank key

The first thing a locksmith will do is figure out the vehicle’s make, model, and year. The locksmith service provider can find the correct key blank and specifications to produce the key for the vehicle in question by utilizing specialized computer software and searching the vehicle information.

Cutting the key

If the car is older and the key can be made from the key code, specialist software can be used to provide the locksmith company with the cuts that need to be made in the blank key. this key code isn’t available, the locksmith will usually remove the driver’s side door lock and stamp the key code on it. If the code isn’t stamped on the key, the locksmith can decipher it to determine the cuts. Keep in mind that the locksmith has been educated to handle this aspect of the project. When he has the tools required, he  will be able to complete it correctly and efficiently.

There are professional key cutting machines that cut the blank key to the exact specifications needed by the key’s code.

Programming transponder key

.Most newer autos use Transponder keys. When inserted into the ignition, the key’s chip deactivates the engine immobilizer, allowing the motor to start.  Even if the key turns the ignition, it will not start the automobile without the right chip.

After the locksmith company has determined the correct key blanks and transponder chip based on the vehicle information, the transponder can be programmed in one of two ways:

Cloning the Key – the key created is a perfect replica of the key’s physical cuts as well as the data stored in the transponder chip, or;
Programming the Key into the Vehicle — This involves the use of specialized equipment intended exclusively for programming keys into vehicles.

The locksmith services provider will determine the approach required using specialized software and then proceed to either clone the key or program it into the car. Programming the new key’s remote to unlock the car and boot is a common part of this process.


After cutting the key to code and cloning the transponder chip, the next step is to test the car keys to ensure they work properly.

This doesn’t take long and ensures that everyone is happy. Most of the time, the car key will work on the first try. This is because locksmiths have the most up-to-date equipment and years of experience.

Final words 

While all of this may appear to be simple with the use of specialized software and key machines, the equipment required to “simply” complete this task can cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the numerous hours of training required to become a specialized automotive locksmith.

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