Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Racks by Armstrong

Industrial Storage Racks are usually made up of durable metals like steel that ensures high strength, durability and longevity. These racks are essential in all industries for multiple operational purposes. Thereby, the racks are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Armstrong is among the best manufacturers of such heavy-duty racks in India due to their automated industrial racking systems for keeping the customer’s warehouse or manufacturing plant well-organized.

The Importance of Industrial Storage Racks

A majority of the industries manufacture a large quantity of products that are then distributed all over the country and abroad. Hence, these Industries may use many advanced machines and high-end techniques to manufacture their products. Once the manufacturing process is over, the product is quality tested and then stored in an appropriate space before it is sent to the retailer. This calls for the requirement of an entire storage area that is dedicated to storing the finished goods until they are approved. Therefore, a large area within the factories are converted into a storage area where an entire lot of finished products are safely stored. For safe storage of the products, these areas are filled with huge industrial racks for storage.

Therefore, we can conclude that industrial storage racks are a requirement of all industries big or small. They should be carefully selected according to the kind of product the company manufactures.

Types of Industrial Racks for Storage

As mentioned before, these storage racks are of different types based upon the customer’s storage requirements. Down below is a comprehensive list of the type of industrial storage racks commonly used in warehouses:

  • Static storage racks

Static storage racks cannot be moved from their original position due to the absence of wheels. They are usually used for the storage of files or food items that are kept there before they get approved for distribution. They are not only versatile but also very cost-effective.

  • Mobile storage racks

Mobile storage racks have wheels underneath them. It makes it convenient for people to shift them from one place to another. They are useful for storing items that are picked by people manually. These can be easily taken from one place to another and are very convenient in factories that don’t have much space inside them.

  • Pallet racking systems

Pallet racking systems are typically used in very huge warehouses. They tend to be at the centre of the entire process taking place in these industries. The racks are huge and usually come with a forklift system for the huge boxes of products to be fit into the racking shelves. The shelves are chosen according to the height of the boxes stored.

  • Multi-tier racking systems

Multi-tier racking systems are used in huge establishments that need to utilise the vertical space effectively. These industrial storage racks are made up of many smaller units.  Multi-tier racking systems are also quite flexible, having the facility to add extra units if and when required.

  • Mezzanine racks

Mezzanine racks are usually expensive but can help in saving a lot of space. These come with additional systems like lifts, or conveyors. The installation requires skilled people and has to be taken care of properly.

  • Wire partitions

Wire partition units in the racking systems of warehouses provide additional security. It is a high-tech system and the wires can be easily removed if required. The wires are strategically placed to completely utilize the space. The wire partition racking systems by Armstrong can be a little expensive but are equipped with several benefits such as additional safety.

Summing It Up

It is important to use only the best materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to manufacture these storage solutions for withstanding all types of loads in compliance with stringent industry norms. The heavy-duty racks are available in different sizes, styles, lengths, widths and other configurations to fit the customer’s budget. All the trusted providers of smart storage solutions, use only the finest quality material to design and deliver top quality products to the customers.


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