Fate Animation – Why Watch the Fate Series

Fate Animation - Why Watch the Fate Series

In the fantasy adventure series named as Fate series, there are many characters that have emerged from this world. There are warriors called as ” Gilberds” who serve as servants of fate itself. They protect the human world from evil. However, there is also a class of people called “Seirei” or “alkyons” in the series who are angels who are fallen angels and sworn to protect the human world from the Sinners. There are also other demi-gods known as “Fangirnas” in the series that are the guardian of the human world from the opposite gender.

Fate/stay night


From all these series, it is quite clear that the most popular one is the Fate/stay night. In the first novel, a boy named Ryuji suddenly falls in love with the local girl Hijiris from the town called Edile. The two of them get to know each other, and from there, the two of them start liking and eventually marry each other. This is what leads to the birth of their son named Edward.

From this series of Fate series visual novels, it is quite evident that the visual novel has become one of its own kinds of game that many adult players enjoy playing. However, its popularity did not take long for its visual novel to gain the attention of television stations. And with the popularity of this visual novel also came the increase in its sequels.

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With the success of visual novels, many anime series were created to take its place. Amongst these, the Fate series has always been one of the top sellers. In the first season of the Fate series, you play as the main character Kirei Kotoura, a prince of the Kiryu Kingdom and also an accomplished swordsman. Although he starts the series as a prince, in the second season, you get to play as different characters, including his loyal knight, Suzaku Onodera. As you progress through the visual novels, you find yourself travelling through many interesting places and engaging in many battles against several magical creatures and enemies.



The anime studio UT studio, which is the producer of the Fate series, has also created its own unique spin on this visual novel. In the second season, you get to play as Isherdinger, a man who is mentally unstable due to his inability to get the truth about his family. The plot of the game involves him traveling to a place called the “Words” where his family used to live before he was born. Although he gets to meet and help several characters, the most interesting part of the game for me is meeting and interacting with the person whom he intends to marry, Rin Tsubaki.

As you go through the visual novels in the fate series watch order, you will find that the locations and places are beautifully rendered and very well detailed. The backgrounds are extremely well done and it feels as if you are really in the scene. There are several visual novels released by the studio deen, and as you may have guessed, the Fate visual novel Unlimited Blade Works is the third in the series. Although the first route of the game is quite short, I found that the second route of the visual novel is just as engrossing as the first route due to the fast pace at which the game moves at.

Character development


Despite the length of the game, I did feel that it lacked a bit of character development. The characters in the Fate visual novels do not develop very much throughout the series, apart from Rin Tsubaki’s character, but I felt that she was not given enough development to make her interesting. The main character in the Fate series is Gilgamesh, and I think that the fans of the anime will probably enjoy watching the re-watch of the original Fate series. If you like anime, you should definitely check out the Fate series. The studio Deigo produced the anime, and the third volume of the visual novel is expected to be released on April 2021.

If you want a good anime with great animation, story, and artwork, then I recommend checking out the Fate series. I’m not sure if the studio would make another Fate anime ever, but you never know. If you love anime so much, that you want to see every show that comes out, then I would recommend watching the Fate series. If you have never seen the anime series, then I highly recommend watching the first three episodes. Even if you have seen the anime before, I would still suggest watching the first three episodes to see what all the hype is about. If you have heard about this franchise before, then you should definitely check out the Fate flash animations.


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