Check the Different Streaming Platforms Available in 2022

Different Streaming Platforms Available in 2022

In 2022, an abundance of streaming platforms is available for people to use. With such a wide range of choices, confusion arises in people’s minds that. Which would be the most suited streaming website for an individual to subscribe to.

To eliminate such confusion, a list is provided below with the best streaming platforms that people can subscribe to according to their needs. The list starts with Netflix and then carries on from one to another.

  • Netflix – Overall service

Netflix has something for everyone and thus, it is considered by many to be one of the best overall streaming websites for movies, TV series, etc. The primary reason why it is quite popular among people is due to its original releases. It consists of movies and TV series in different languages that allow people to have access to a wide variety of media that isn’t available anywhere else. The base plan starts from $9.99 and goes higher from that.

  • HULU – Value for money

Most people agree that HULU is the best value for money streaming platform. Watching ads during a movie or TV series will cost an individual $7 a month. Some schemes allow people to go ad-free. Moreover, there are shows available from different networks such as FOX, ABC, etc. that people can watch sooner than any other place. Also, its original media is making quite a name for themselves like PEN15, Handmaid’s Tale, etc.

  • Disney+ – Best for kids as well as adults

Every Disney media is available on this streaming platform and it is heaven for any kid. It is why parents always visit disneyplus.com login/begin and create an account accordingly. However, kids’ show is not only what a user will get; there are numerous TV series and movies that adults would enjoy like Marvel movies and TV series, Star Wars TV and animated series, etc. It costs just $7.99 to subscribe to their entire library of content. Also, within this price range, it offers ad-free content that is satisfying to all.

  • ESPN+ – For sports fanatics

If a person is a true sports enthusiast, there is no other streaming platform that will bring more joy to him/her than ESPN+. People can watch games from National Hockey League, MLS (soccer), UFC matches along with pay-per-view championships, and more. The subscription amount for every month is $7, while the annual subscription is as low as $70, which is the one all sports devotees choose.

  • Amazon Prime Video – Best bundle services

High-quality and ad-free content along with a plethora of services is what an individual gets when subscribing to Amazon Prime. Its impeccable catalog of old and new movies along with original content makes subscribing worth every penny. If any individual opts to subscribe to Amazon Prime, no additional costs are required for watching content on Amazon Prime Video.  However, just opting for Prime Video means monthly it will cost around $8.99 plus tax. Some of its popular original content includes The Boys, Jack Ryan, Wheel of Time, etc. Most people like Ines de Ramon and others who need Amazon to deliver a lot of stuff often get this bundled service.

  • HBO Max – Colossal premium content available

HBO Max is known for providing people with a large amount of premium content that only a few streaming platforms might compete with. Some of its popular media includes movies and TV series related to DC Universe, all-time favorites like Rick and Morty, Friends, etc. Also, they have streamed movies the same day as their movie theatre debut such as King Richards, Matrix Resurrections, etc. It costs $15 a month to subscribe.

These are some of the best streaming services that you should check out in 2022 if you haven’t subscribed to them yet.

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