How to Prepare for CBSE 12th Exam 2022? Best Preparation Tips

CBSE 12th Exam is considered very important in India because this will further decide the college that a student will get. The importance of this exam also drives its difficulty since it is the final exam of school. The students always work hard and want to secure good marks in the 12th papers. They either want to get into the best universities for further studies or qualify for the exams they wish to appear for higher studies. Regardless of the reason, the main goal here is to prepare in the best ways to secure good percentages in the CBSE class 12th result. So, to help you with the same, here we have the best tips to prepare for CBSE 12th Exam 2022.

Best Preparation Tips for CBSE 12th Exams

Start your Preparation Early

Many students wait for the CBSE 12th exam timetable to start their preparation which is undoubtedly not the best way. Students must start their practice from the start of the session so that they do not panic when the 12th board exams are near. Early preparation will also save a lot of time in your bag to do the revisions and practice questions. So, whenever the classes for a particular session start, the students also need to start their preparation.

Go through the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The next step is to analyze the CBSE 12th exam pattern and syllabus of your subjects to understand the demand of the exam. To cover the CBSE class 12th syllabus, NCERT books are the best option. You can also note down the topics that will be covered in the exam. This will help you to avoid the unnecessary topics burden and go through the precise topics. If you know the CBSE 12th exam pattern and weightage of every topic, it will become easier for you to dedicate time accordingly.

Prepare a Study Plan

Now, you have the 12th syllabus in your hands to easily make the study plan for the Board Exam. Divide the syllabus into two parts, one including the topics that contribute high weightage in the exam and the other contributing less weightage. Also, set the target dates for each topic and subject and stick to the dates while preparing for the CBSE 12th exams. Do not prepare a fictional study plan; instead, make it practical to achieve. In order to get a good CBSE 12th exam result, you need to stick to your plan and follow it with full discipline. It is expected that the CBSE will soon release the CBSE 12th exam date 2022. So, when the 12th exam timetable is declared, you can revise your study plan if you need.

Gather the Useful Study Materials

Study Material plays a crucial role in preparing for the Class 12th Board Exam. The prime or, say, the bible of the Class 12th exam is the NCERT books that one must have, and along with it, some references will guide you. But make sure you are not making a dune of numerous study materials that cannot be covered in one session. You can also collect some sets of previous question papers and question banks.

Prepare your own Revision Notes

Students are highly recommended to make their own notes rather than downloading the notes made by teachers or previous students. The notes prepared by self are much more understandable and easy for a quick recap. On the other hand, notes by others can be confusing and require more explanations that won’t be suitable for quick revisions. So, as you go on completing the topics, make the short points and recaps and note them down in a proper notebook.

Stay Focused and Motivated

Focus is the most sensitive thing during your class 12th exam preparation. Students must not forget their prime goal, the reasons why they are preparing, and why the marks are essential. To remind yourself of the cause, you can paste a note in front of your study place where you can write your goals. Also, never let your motivation go down. Also, preparing the study plan alone will not help, but you need to stick to it for fruitful 12th results.

Solve the Sample Past Year Papers Questions

Once you have completed the topics and understood them, start solving the questions. Start from the questions in the question banks, then move towards the sample paper and CBSE 12th exam papers of past years. While solving sample paper, set timers and solve it properly in the sheet with proper neatness. Solving papers will also help you to revise the entire 12th syllabus in one go. Here you can also analyze that which topics still need proper attention and more learning. Accordingly, you can plan further strategies for the CBSE Class 12th Board Exam.

Focus on Health and Rest

Preparation is compulsory, but one must not avoid their health and adequate sleep. If you get ill or sick during the CBSE 12th exam, the entire preparation will go in vain, so do give proper attention to your health as well. Take adequate sleep and proper diet along with a few minutes breaks while studying. This will keep you confident and fit for the exam, and also your brain will function well at this stage. Also, avoid junk foods, and take proper nutritious food.

Learn Time Management

Time management is the key to achieving a good Class 12th CBSE Board exam result. You need to complete the entire paper at the exam centre in a restricted time. In order to do so, you need to solve the CBSE 12th papers such as sample papers and past year papers at home with proper timers. This will make time management a habit for you. Along with this, appearing in some mock tests will also help you a lot.


The CBSE 12th exam needs a well-planned preparation strategy to get good scores. There is no hard and fast rule to mug up the entire syllabus within a few months. Although some students might have done it, taking risks in Board exams is not at all recommended. So, consider the above-mentioned points and start preparing diligently for the board exams. In the end, if you follow these tips to prepare for CBSE 12th board exams, then you’ll have a good chance of scoring high.

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