Ideas and resources for cartoon drawing

Ideas and resources for cartoon drawing. Do you need more resources to create fresh cartoon ideas to draw and help you create exciting illustrations? Do you not find what you are looking for on this website? Maybe you can do it here!

More design lessons

Enjoy even more tutorials with adorable illustrations of cartoons and digital symbols. Find out how to draw fresh animals that are varied, adorable, and all filled with primary forms, elements, and simple colors. Everything you want to like fun characters, you can do here!

2D animation

Please relax and enjoy the new animated films 2D as my classic movie Amelia and the fairy of the teeth of evil. You can also enjoy other animated 2D films and sign tutorials on my YouTube channel. Register now and miss no future animation and lessons!

Creative suggestions and techniques

Being creative is crucial to creating beautiful and original comic figures. For example, there are one hundred ways to illustrate a simple cartoon tomato.

It’s also helpful to quickly draw splashes, which is the foundation of every perfect illustration. If you like comics, these suggestions, such as manga figures or these resources for creating the ideal comic patrol, will also be relevant.

Design tools

Learn more about the best drawing tools to create fresh cartoon pictures and fantastic digital artwork. These accessible applications are excellent if you require assistance to draw amazing pictures and signs!

Drawing Lessons (vector)

This section allows you to enjoy some suggestions and techniques on how fantastic vector images with simple applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Xara Photo & Graphic Designer drawing. Find out how to draw fresh textures, create beautiful contours or work with perspective.


It is always nice to learn more about other artists and how fantastic illustrations create. Learning new techniques new corners on a topic allows you to improve your skills and maybe give new ideas something nice to make!

Reviews of the Komiker book

Books are a valuable source of information. You can not match the interaction you can get with a real artist, but using big books (or e-books) is never wrong. I have created some reviews on some resources that help you learn more about the wonderful world of comics and cartoons. You can not live without them!

My diary

Time-to-time, I like to give it to a topic in my opinion. It is an excellent exercise, and issues such as design and films are far covered. Creating design resources is very rewarding, but it is not so funny as I express myself!

How to draw an Eagle

How to draw an Eagle

This excellent Eagle design is the topic of this new tutorial! Are you among the challenge? This mysterious animal is charming to draw. With its aggressive lines and incredible eyes, it is a pleasure to perform the process of creating a cartoon character so fascinating.

This drawing lesson is more complex, so do not hesitate to draw it again and again. Practice is the best thing you can do to achieve this fun tutorial.

Step 1

Start your drawing hour by drawing the eagle. Usually, I set most animals with a front view, but the eagle is a little boy who can draw a little bit with a side view. Note how the character seems proud and safe.

Step 2

Add black contours to your figure. Make sure that you convert the Pencil design to a digital file before using a vector application to complete this tutorial.

Step 3

Add simple colors with new shapes. These new elements must position behind the contours. I like this technique because it allows me to add different shadows between solid shapes and silhouettes.

Step 4

Using the angle means adding an easy effect to any form. Note that the end of the wing is more accessible. In addition, the leg must be darker on the opposite side as the body of the Eagle design almost wholly hides it.

Step 5

Now create new forms to illustrate the darkest shadow of the cartoon character. Do not add too many shadows to your illustration. It makes it hard to read. Only a few well-positioned elements are needed.

Step 6

Select the transparency tool and hide the forms previously created. In this step, you may have to experience a little to share the correct percentage of the necessary transparency in the right color.

Step 7

It creates new forms again, this time, however, to illustrate the reflection on the body of its character. These new forms must be large and colorful. You can also leave a small room between the thoughts and the contours.

Step 8

Finally, use the transparency tool again to hide the lower part of each form. I hope you have enjoyed it to create this fresh animal, do not hesitate to try more characters from this category.

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