BTCC: Bright Era To Crypto Future Trading

Trading has become a trendiest platform for increasing the value of your money. Crypto Future Trading give investors a way to protect themselves from rapidly changing markets and guarantee that they will be able to buy or sell a specific coin at a specific price in the future.

What Does ‘Buy/Go Long’ Mean in Futures?

You can touch ‘Buy/Go Long’ to start a position when you anticipate that how much of a product will increase with bitcoin trading. You could close the trade to benefit if the retail cost of the item you are trading increases.

How Do I Purchase/Go Long?

The contract for crypto futures that you want to trade should be chosen. To choose a future from a list of available contracts, click on the initials of the contract. The BTCUSDT Quarterly shall be selected. Tap ‘Buy/Long’, Choose the order type. On BTCC, you can place a market order, limit order, or SL/TP order. Select the preferred level of leverage.

Simply click on the leverage level and choose one from the options listed. On BTCC, leverage levels of 10x to 150x are possible; however, daily futures are the only product type that supports 150x leverage. Please be aware that various products give varying degrees of leverage.

Enter the lot size as required. A “lot” is the trading unit used in futures trading. A normal crypto futures trading lot is another name for one lot, and a tiny lot is another name for a 0.01 lot. Each product has a separate lot size range, which is displayed on the site.

Placing a stop loss or take profit (SL/TP)

Setting a stop loss can assist prevent liquidation and minimize losses, while setting a take profit could assist lock in winnings. To set the parameters, tap SL/TP settings. Once you have set up the SL/TP prices, you can view the SL/TP range stated there.

To begin a position, tap Buy/Long.

Tap Buy/Long on Bitcoin Futures once all the settings have been set. Please double-check all the details before tapping Confirm to toggle the position in question.

How do I sell the lengthy orders I have?

‘Open a position’ signifies the process of purchasing or selling a futures contract and is the term for placing an order in futures trading.

Is it possible to relinquish my positions quickly?

On the Futures page, of crypto trading platform slide to the bottom and tap Positions. To organize your positions by category and order direction, tap Products. By selecting the Close All Positions button, you may then close all positions with the same order direction.

If you receive the notice “Insufficient margin, please make a deposit. “, it signifies that there is not enough margin in your account to allow you to establish a trade. Before placing a purchase, make sure you have enough money in your account. The margin needed to open a position can also be verified.

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