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Benefits of post-operative care through nursing services at home

In India, major cities have more surgical cases for the elderly; hence, post-operative care in Mumbai, Coimbatore, etc., is needed as part of geriatric care. 

Recovery post-surgery is a long and tedious process. The long road of physical healing often leads to demotivation amongst elderly patients to improve their lifestyle as a part of their post-operative care regimen.  

One of the biggest reasons for this motivation is the limited mobility of the elderly patient as they cannot freely move and do the things they love. 

Anvayaa understands this requirement and offers post-operative care services in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai, and Coimbatore. 

Elderly patients need to understand that their road to recovery will be effective and faster by following diet charts and physiotherapy regimens. 

 Before taking up nursing services at home for post-operative care, one must decide the duration of the service. 

For minor surgeries in which the elderly patient needs assistance to do small chores and get back to their daily lifestyle, short-term post-operative care services might be taken for elderly patients living in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Vizag. 

In both cases, post-operative care has two goals.  Second, the elderly patient recovers and goes back to their daily lifestyle before the surgery. 

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Let us look at the benefits of post-operative care through nursing services at home : 


Pain management  

One of the biggest challenges that demotivate elderly patients to follow their physiotherapy regimens is extreme pain. Post-surgery pain can be excruciating for the elderly patient to do any physical activity. 

They can also convey the physiotherapist to do milder exercises or even assign regimens that help deal with soreness in the patient’s body. 


Individual priority and care 

When post-operative care services in Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore are provided at rehab centres or assisted living facilities, nurses providing the care will not provide their utmost attention to one patient.  

Postoperative care requires the caregiver’s undivided attention to the patient’s medical needs.  

Patients who have undergone major surgical procedures often require special care as they have limited mobility or impaired speech.

With nursing services at home to provide post-operative care, individual care is the primary focus.  Family members can depend on the nurses for assistance with any problem. 

With undivided care and attention, the patient can recover faster. 


Taking care of the diet 

Another challenge in post-operative care is that patients often refuse to stick to the nutritious diet offered by the doctors.  

Elderly patients need to consume light and easily digestible and fibrous food items.

Often, these food items are bland and not suitable to the patient’s taste buds; hence, they refuse to eat them. 

With nurses specialising in nutritional care, tasty and healthy food can be provided to the patient. These food items prepared by the nurses will follow all the health precautions prescribed by the doctor. And cater to the patient’s preference to ensure they eat well to recover after surgery. 

The nurses also ensure that the elderly patient drinks enough water along with the diet. With taking care of medicines and coping with post-surgery fatigue, dehydration might occur with insufficient water consumption. If not dehydration, then severe constipation might also take place. 

While providing post-operative care, nurses need to track the patient’s water consumption. And even set reminders to ensure they do not forget to drink water. 

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Goal-based improvement 

Anvayaa’s nurses providing post-operative care services in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai are proficient at ensuring that a goal-based approach for the recovery of the elderly patient is the right way to track the progress. 

They can set health milestones that the patient can easily complete. This may include starting with easy exercises and gradually proceeding to moderate physiotherapy regimens. 

They may also include fun activities in the regimens. Such as music therapy and meditation. Which could motivate the patient to follow the regimens and get back to their daily life routine. 


Nursing services help streamline the post-operative care routine of elderly patients for their quick healing and recovery.

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