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8 Proven Ways to Maintain Your Oral Health

Dental oral health is also important as much as your overall physical health because teeth are responsible for many things, such as chewing food, smiling, etc. Having poor dental health can take away your confidence and do not let you laugh. 

Mouth care is a key to making most of your smile, so you should focus on what you eat, drink, etc. 

It takes a lifetime to achieve healthy teeth, but nothing is impossible when it comes to achieving anything with some effort. Let’s explore some healthy teeth tips. 

Effective Dental Health Tips 

  • Clean Your Tongue 

Plaque does not only build up on your teeth, but it can also build up on your tongue. Experts from Ghauri Dental Care say that we should brush our tongue too while brushing our teeth. It helps to remove the plaque buildup and reduce the bad mouth odour. But make sure that you gently brush your tongue as it is one of the most sensitive organs. 

  • Use a Fluoride Mouthwash 

To clean the mouth of debris, you should use a fluoride mouthwash as it improves oral health. If you notice plaque, you should suddenly use the fluoride mouthwash solution as it helps in preventing plaque from building in-between your teeth and on the gums. 

People who are living with bad breath issues should use fluoride because it kills the bacteria that is associated with bad breath. Many people do not brush their teeth while using fluoride mouthwash which is a complete disaster for your oral health. You should not replace your fluoride mouthwash solution with brushing. 

  • Choose a Fluoride Toothpaste 

If you want to buy toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride. People often look for only teeth whitening paste while paste with fluoride can give your teeth a new life. We can say that it fights off tooth decay and germs that can lead to decay. It also works as a barrier that protects your teeth. 

  • Don’t Neglect to Floss

I have seen many people who do not consider flossing after brushing. Flossing has multiple benefits that can keep your dental health. It reduces plaque, stimulates the gums, and also reduces inflammation. You can floss only once a day to lower the chances of plaque. 

  • Drink Water for Oral Health 

When I research combatting a disease, I always find water on top of the list. Yes, keeping yourself hydrated can indeed boost your overall health. Researchers have also come across the benefits of drinking water for dental health. When you eat acidic food and beverages, you should drink water to wash them off as you can’t hold the brush in your hand for the whole day. 

  • Fresh Veggies and Fruits

You may eat frozen fruits and veggies, but your teeth demand fresh vegetables and fruits. Such fresh food intake provides fibre and maintains your dental health. You should not cut them into pieces but start chewing on them.

  • Avoid Excessive Acidic and Sugar Foods Intake

When you eat sugary foods, it ultimately converts into acid in the mouth. Such acids erode the enamel of your teeth which end up with cavities. Studies reveal that acidic fruits and coffee may also erode your teeth’ enamel. 

What Sugary Foods Should Limit to Avoid Teeth Cavity?

  1. Soft drinks, fizzy drinks, and milky drinks
  2. Sponge pudding
  3. Syrups 
  4. Dried fruits 
  5. Sugary breakfast cereals
  6. Pastries 
  7. Buns 
  8. Sweet sauces 
  9. Jams, honey, and syrups

And Many More!

  • Brush your Teeth in circulation motion 

Researchers from the dental clinic say that properly brushing your teeth can help you get rid of plaque. People often take only one minute to brush their teeth that are not enough. You should move your toothbrush gently and in a circular motion to remove the particles. 

Final Thoughts 

We all need to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption if we want to smile confidently. WHO also says that smoking and alcohol do not only cause bad breath but also stain your teeth yellow and increase the risks of gum diseases. 

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