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17 Moving Tips Every Australian Should Know

Moving to a new house is amazing indeed. You have to ensure that you take all your items to your new house to avoid discomfort. The question is, how can you move your items safely? The eighteen tips mentioned below will make things easier for you – keep reading to find out more!

1.      Start planning way ahead

Moving can take more time than you estimate. You should calculate how much time it will take you to pack everything and move your items. It’s a good practice to double the time you’ve estimated for moving.

Double-check the estimation to ensure that it includes everything from packing and moving items. Making a list of your valuables is also important if you have to make an insurance claim in the future.

2.      Think about your pets

Taking care of your pets can get hectic during the moving plan. You can send your pet to a pet boarding service.

Another option is asking someone in your close circle to take care of your pet. However, if you are moving to another state, it’s better to hire pet transport services to ensure your pet’s safety.          

3.      Get time off from your job

It’s a bad option to plan the moving haphazardly as it can disturb your work routine. Plan ahead to know when you have to take time off from your job. Ask your employer to grant you leave to move your items properly. It’s better to notify your respective manager way ahead, so your absence doesn’t affect the work.

4.      Put your documents in one place

You’d never want to miss any important documents when you move to your new home.             Make sure you put all your important documents like birth certificates in one place. You can hand over your documents to someone trusted, so you don’t have to worry about the documents when moving.

5.      Prepare a first-aid kit

You should follow all the safety practices to avoid any injuries when moving. However, even if you follow all the safety practices, you cannot be sure that you will stay safe from injuries.

A first-aid kit can help you in case of an emergency. Ask your General Physician about how you can prepare your first-aid kit easily. Put the first-aid kit near you, so you don’t have to find it if you need it.

6.      Hire a removal service

Moving all your items from one place to another can take time and effort. If you have not moved items yourself before, you might make some mistakes.

A simple option to avoid discomfort is hiring a removal service. Ask your friends and family to get recommendations about removal services. You can also read online reviews to find a reliable removal service in your area.

7.      Get the notice period

It’s important to notify your property manager before getting on the moving plan. Doing so will help you avoid any complexities in future.

You will have to give a notice in writing to clearly state the date of when you will move. A 30 days notice is necessary to hand out if you are living under a Fixed term agreement.

8.      Stay in touch with all parties

Moving to a new home also comes with managing your address. If you have taken any loans or have yourself involved in a business agreement, it’s essential to notify all the relevant parties about your new address. A simple option to set up a new address is paying your local post office a fixed fee for address redirection.

9.      Pack items from every room separately

Moving a ton of items from one home to another is not easy. You can, however, make the process easier by dividing the hectic tasks into small parts. Start by packing the items of different rooms separately. Don’t mix up the items, as it will only make things difficult for you to manage.

10. Label the different items

Identifying your items can get difficult once you have all your items packed. You can only identify your items later by labelling the items properly. It won’t take your time or effort to label your items, but it will make things easier to set up your new home.

11. Take care of breakable items

Moving fragile items from one place to the other is not easy. You can ensure that you don’t break anything valuable by covering items in towels.

Bubble wrap can also help you ensure the safety of your items. Put fragile items in different boxes to identify them easily.

12. The smart way of boxing your items

You don’t have to spend money on buying boxes. You can get free boxes from social media groups in your area. Make sure you don’t stuff too many items in your box, as heavy boxes will be difficult to carry.

13. Think about your plants

You might not have time to water your plants when you move items from one home. It’s better to water your plants before starting the moving plan. Doing so will help you focus on moving projects as you won’t worry about your plants.

14. Move electrical appliances with care

Electrical appliances should be moved carefully to avoid any property damage. Remove the cord of all your electrical items before you move. Defrost your refrigerator to ensure that you don’t have to worry about water coming out. Don’t try to tinker with any installed appliances like ceiling fans if you don’t have experience handling them before.

15. Don’t cook food yourself

Cooking food on your moving plan is not a good idea. It’s better to order food online so you can focus on other tasks. Avoid ordering junk foods and don’t take soft drinks as they can cause nausea. Order home-cooked meals online and stay hydrated even if you are busy.

16. Get help from your friends and family

Asking for help from your close circle can make things easier for you. Inform your friends beforehand so they can take time out of their routine to help you. Throw an amazing party when moving is complete so you can enjoy a good time with your friends and family.

17. Double-check everything

It’s easier to forget about important items when working on your moving plan. Make sure you check all the rooms to ensure that you have emptied everything. Check the cupboards as you might leave some items there if you are not careful.

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