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4 Styling tips for a wooden divan bed

A divan bed is perfect for a guest room that also doubles up as a reading room or a media room. Divans are similar to single beds but they’re a little different in the way they’re structured. Divans may either have a headboard and footboard of the same height or an elevated back and armrest on one of the broader sides of the bed and both the narrow sides. They are usually placed with the width parallel to a wall. The orientation may be a little different but a wooden divan bed is styled quite similarly to a single bed. Here are a few tips.

Choose your linen carefully

Nobody wants to see a bare mattress on the bed. Choose linen that complements your overall décor style. There are two aspects to consider – the weave quality and the design. Look for fabric with a close-knit weave and a high thread count. In terms of designs, the choices before you range from solids and stripes to prints and embroidered sheets. You can choose fitted sheets if you like or get regular sheets. In the case of the latter, make sure the size is big enough to fold itself under the mattress. Aim for crisp edges to get a clean look – you know the beautiful lines of the hotel beds – this is what you need to aim for.

Play with pillows

Pillows can be your best friend when you’re dressing in a divan bed. They add comfort and style. Since a divan bed is arranged parallel to the wall, you have the entire width of the bed to accentuate. That said, you cannot layer too many pillows or you will not have enough depth left to sit. Alternatively, you can arrange large pillows in the corners of the divan and use a single lumbar pillow along the length.

When you choose pillows, feel free to experiment with colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. For example, you can choose a large cushion in a solid velvet fabric and a smaller one in a patterned weave. Make sure the pillows and cushions are soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to support your back.

Standard sizes range from 12 x 12 to 24 x 24 inches. Note that if you get custom-sized cushions, you would need customized covers for them too. A single cushion in a fun shape could accentuate the arrangement just right. These are usually smaller than the other cushions.

Layer your look

When you dress a divan, a single sheet is not enough. Layer it with a throw or a quilt. Ona cold days, these layers make the bed look cozy and keep you warm. At other times, the arrangement makes the divan look luxurious. For the summer, you can use a lightweight AC quilt or a blanket. In winters pick a heavier quilt for added warmth.

If you choose a solid sheet, choose a patterned duvet or a quilt. In terms of colors, pick a colour that complements the base colour. You can choose a tonal palette or a complimentary one. Of course, if you want, you could go for the completely monochromatic look too. There’s nothing as luxurious as an all-white look.

Pay attention to details

When it comes to dressing up a wooden divan bed you need to pay attention to every detail. No matter how well you design the layers, it will look good only when the bed is made properly. So, you need to make sure the bed is easy to make too. If you need to put too much effort into folding the sheets a certain way, you aren’t likely to do so. Make the process of dressing the divan easy. With that in mind, think about the little details – are the zippers on the quilt cover visible? What type of finish do your cushions have? How do you want the quilt arranged?

The Dream Divan Look

Of course, the foundation for the way you want your divan to look like depends on choosing the right divan to begin with. Look for a divan that is made from solid wood. Today, divan beds are available online so the choices are even greater. What’s important to remember is that you choose not only the right design but also the right brand. Always shop from reputable brands that give you the assurance of having used high-quality wood that has been properly dried and treated for protection against pests. Also, make sure the brand has clear shipping and returns policies that suit you. You want the divan to look good not just on the website but also in your home – if by chance it doesn’t fit, you should be able to return it without worries. So, are you ready to shop for your wooden divan bed

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