Which is the Best Primary School in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad offers work and career opportunities to people from different cities having different cultural backgrounds. A large population of ex-pats lives in this city to earn their livelihood and raise their families. Now, families with school-going children look for a primary school that offers quality education to children and has state-of-the-art amenities.

There are countless schools in Gujarat. If you are a parent to school-going kids, you can easily get confused by the choices. It will take thorough research, a careful analysis of all factors, and a personal visit to decide which school would stand tall on your requirements. If you are already short of time or find this research work all the more daunting, it is vital to refer to our list mentioned below for your reference.

List of best primary schools in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School Ahmedabad

GIIS Ahmedabad is a renowned name in the educational industry, with multiple awards to their name, for their academic excellence. They provide the best facilities for sports activities and performing art. It also provides a skill-building environment for students. The primary unit of GIIS Ahmedabad follows Montessori learning methodology emphasising activity-based teaching approach and no stress to get good grades. If you check the academic records of the school, you will be amazed by the outstanding performance of their students year after year.

St Anns School

Ever since the establishment of the school, it has grown exponentially in the area and the quality of education. They have set an exceptional benchmark in various aspects, and their students do remarkably well in academics and co-curricular activities. Their selection process for teaching and non-teaching faculty is stringent, making no compromise with the qualification, expertise, and experience. You can also check the reviews left by parents and the ratings on different platforms, to only find how favoured the school is by parents.

Sadhana Campus

Another good choice for a primary school in Ahmedabad is Sadhana Campus. They offer the best environment for students to grow and evolve well. The teachers encourage them to be curious to clear all their doubts and participate in the activities they plan to learn the challenging concepts conveniently. Additionally, the school boasts all the resources a student needs to outshine academically and perform well in other co-curricular activities.

Little Star Primary School

The Little Star is one of the best schools for primary students in Ahmedabad. It is amongst the top 5 primary schools in Gujarat, having all the resources and amenities you expect for your child’s growth. Visiting the school, you will experience a nurturing and happy environment for children. Because They let a child be and allow them to choose what game they want to play, the activities they wish to participate in, and never force the academic concepts on them. This way, the child doesn’t feel any pressure and finds it interesting to go to school every day.

DAV International School

DAV has a chain of educational institutes around the country, with one of their best campuses in Ahmedabad. They provide all the infrastructural facilities and CBSE curriculum plans for excellent academic results and better growth. Moreover, their teaching and non-teaching faculty pass a stepwise process to start working in the school. As a result. Because the school can ensure quality education and a nurturing environment for students to evolve holistically.

Though there are various other options available, choosing one from the list above is fruitful. You can explore each option in detail by checking their websites, and if possible, visit the school to ensure that it offers everything it claims. Then, make sure you choose the primary school carefully. Leaving no stone unturned to provide quality education and gateway to a promising career for your child.

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