Which Bong, Pipe, Bubbler to Choose from a Bong Shop?

Marijuana has gained popularity today. People had many misconceptions about it that have been debunked. Hence, people in Canada are buying marijuana for recreational use. Unlike non-smoker marijuana users, smokers invest in smoking devices to enjoy weed. They look for smoking devices, such as pipes, bubblers, and bongs, to enjoy their favourite bud via smoking. Considering several factors about smoking equipment consume marijuana will help you buy the right smoking device from a bong shop. Let us guide you on how you may choose your bong, bubbler, or pipe from a smoke shop:


Nothing can beat a traditional weed pipe to smoke marijuana. Thus, you should go with a traditional weed pipe if you prefer pipe to smoke and enjoy marijuana. Weed pipes are also simple and convenient to use to smoke marijuana. You may consider buying pipes from an online headshop or a local smoke shop based on the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Sturdy Material
  • Portability


You may consider buying bubblers if you want to enjoy more than just scorching blasts that weed pipes deliver. Bubblers will help you enjoy the best of both worlds with marijuana smoking. They will deliver you the mobility of a weed pipe and smooth hit identical to bongs. You will find a wide range of bubblers in a smoke shop, like Shop Rite based on materials, styles, and features. You should buy your bubbler from a reputable smoke shop to make sure you buy the best product. Read customer reviews and go through product descriptions to choose from and buy the best bubblers online. Nonetheless, bubblers will cost you more than traditional weed pipes.


Bongs have another name, too. Water pipes or bongs, whatever you call a bong, lack the mobility and purity of weed pipes. Yet, bongs offer much more to weed users than weed pipes and bubblers don’t. One of the most noticeable features of bongs is water filtration that cools and softens the smoke. Here are advantages you will have if you choose bong to smoke your flower:

  • Smooth hits
  • Lovely design
  • Less constrained smoking

Bongs are the obvious choice of many stoners to smoke bud. Thus, they are more expensive to get your hands on, in contrast to bubblers and affordable weed pipes. 

Besides the above smoking devices, you will find hookahs, vape pens, and more in smoke shops. You can also invest in certain smoking accessories to upgrade your smoke setup and enjoy your bud with the best smoking experience. 


Marijuana has gained more popularity with time in Canada. People also consume cannabis-infused foods and drinks than only smoking weed recreationally. Smokers who don’t have an idea to choose bongs, bubblers, or pipes should keep the following things in mind to buy the right smoking device from a bong shop and smoke weed with the best experience:

  • Traditional pipes will suit smokers’ needs the best when they lack the budget to smoke weed.
  • Bubblers offer the benefits of bongs and pipes simultaneously, and smokers will find the best ones in reputable headshops.
  • Bongs are expensive than pipes and bubblers, and smokers should consider buying the best quality glass bongs from a headshop.

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