What are the basic Forex terms?

The forex market is about exchanging one currency for another. But this process is not as simple as most traders think and it can become very complex. While trading on Forex, you need to understand the common Forex terms so that you can familiarize yourself with the Forex market. The first step in developing a trading strategy is to become familiar with these Forex terms.


PIP stands for a percentage point.PIP measures the change in the currency rate. It is a unit that contains a numeric value and will tell you anything about the profit or loss. The value of PIP is 0.0001. Traders will describe the change in currency, profit, and loss in pips. For example, if a trader says he makes 30 pips in one hour, he profited by 30 pips in his specific currency.


A spread refers to the difference between the asking price and the bid price of an asset. Determining cost is very important in trading, so traders should also know about the spreads. In other words, subtract the bid value from the buy price, and you will get the value of the spread.


Leverage is a type of loan in trading to trade with more capital. Leverage can give a huge profit or loss, so the trader should choose it wisely.


Margin is a very important term in trading that refers to the initial amount that a trader deposits. so that the trader can get a loan and work on high leverage. For example, Forex 245 provides a low margin, which means a low amount can be deposited. You can check trade245 contact details if you want to work for this broker.


volume appears in the window of the MT4 terminal. If you see volume in the order window, it is the volume to sell or buy.


There is a small difference between the expected price and the execution price. This difference is referred to as slippage. This is the most common thing that most traders experience. The reason for the slippage is the speed of execution and a volatile market.

Risk management

It involves some strategy that will help the trader reduce any risk associated with their trade. The trader can use a stop loss strategy if he is facing a loss in his trades.

Stopping loss

It is a tool to manage the risk of your trade. The stop loss will protect the trader from any further loss. But it is recommended only when the prices are unfavorable to your trading strategy. As a result of slippage, placing a standard stop-loss order does not ensure that your order will be completed at the specified market price.

Take profit.

This tool will automatically close a position when you reach the predetermined profit goal. This tool will protect the trader from going down to a loss. So that the position will automatically close before any loss occurs.

Final words:

These are the basic Forex terms. A lot of terms are used for trading on Forex, and you must know these terms before jumping into spread value in this volatile market.


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