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Website Development is What it Sounds Like?

Have you ever thought about the following question: what is a web developer? Or what is the main difference between web development and development?

In this article we’ll first attempt to answer the initial question, then we will focus on the differences in Web design and development of websites.

In the beginning, the concept of web development is as broad as the sea. There are numerous programming languages, as well as numerous Frameworks as well as tools that form the backbone of technical website development.

Web development is exactly the same as mobile and desktop application development. However, website development is the foundation of all. Even with the advancement of the latest techniques for developing apps, however, it is still evident that web development is most important thing. So, even developers must be aware of website development, or at a minimum, possess an understanding of its fundamentals.

Web Development Simplified

The simplest way to define web development is to say that it is the development of software and tools which run on web browsers. The tools and apps may be completely dependent on the server which created them. However, they might only require the server in the initial stages of development, or to store and retrieve data as well as other purposes.

A Look at Web Development’s History

To grasp the future and present of web development and to understand the distinction between the two, web development and development, first, we need to comprehend its history.

The beginnings of web development began with static websites and hyperlink navigation. At first, developers would build static web pages and then link them together with hyperlinks. Contrary to the modern web and apps, there was a minimum or no interactivity because these websites were created to provide information, and not much more.

CGI was utilized in the beginning when web developers were developing to create HTML from data that was transmitted to the server from the browser. The subsequent developments were developed to enhance the CGI’s dynamic HTML generation simpler. ASP as well as ColdFusion are two examples of these advancements and serve as a language to template web development. With these, HTML could be mixed with markup and tags that were special that allowed HTML generation simpler, dependent and conditional on the specific web page.


JavaScript came into use later to improve the capabilities of web-based tools and applications because computers had become more efficient and more advanced technology was easily accessible to developers. CSS was also introduce in the same period as JavaScript. With CSS developers can now alter and modify web content.

Despite the huge milestones that had been achieve the rendering process was still too slow, and websites were not responsive. Technologies like Asynchronous JavaScript as well as XML(AJAX) were developed to overcome these issues and enable dynamic updates to websites. With AJAX being available, Single Page Applications (SPAs) could be developed. They are web pages that don’t need a refresh to update. Now you can make use of various methods to build web-based applications.

The web’s development continues to expand exponentially. Nowadays, we have web-based operating systems, such as Google’s Chrome OS. Cloud technology, too, is so prevalent in recent years that it’s difficult to envision what the future holds for website development. Additionally, you can learn more about the latest internet development and technology that can take websites into the next phase.

Numerous web platforms are still popular in the present. WordPress is among them. Modern WordPress web development services comprise web-based apps development, which utilizes modern libraries for JS as well as frameworks. If you require a modern web or website application that build on a time-tested solution, you can make use of it.

Primary Website Development Technology

The most common technologies developers use to develop web applications and websites is HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Hypertext Markup Language, HTML

HTML is the core for web application development. It is the foundation that developers utilize to create web-based applications. It is possible to create an entire website completely on HTML.

HTML is a set of tags use to define the format of a web page, its layout, and parts. The majority of website development applications operate on HTML. By itself, HTML will nonetheless not perform well in rendering pages. It must be support with JavaScript as well as CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets, CSS

HTML was first utilized to describe the web page’s layout and format. layout. The issue was that a great deal of work need to be complete to make a minor modification to the design. For example, changing button colors on the website required a change to HTML across multiple locations.

Today styles and Web content is handle differently in development. HTML is responsible for the contents, while CSS style it. In this way, you could use a limited collection of CSS files to design an entire web site. One file could be, for example, altered in CSS to alter the color of buttons on a site.


It is a programming language that permits developers to modify pages on the internet. By altering the design of a web page by using JavaScript the developer is able to quickly alter the look and structure of a website. This creates JavaScript an effective tool with an important role to play for web-based development.


It is commonplace for people on the street to use the word web designer, when they are referring to web developer, and the reverse is true. This is not the case. There’s a difference between design for web and development. Web designers and web developer are completely different professionals with distinct roles that are completely different from one another.

I’ve also had the notion of the notion that development for web and designs are the same. If you do are in the web-related industry as a professional or as a consumer you’ll have to distinguish Web design and development.

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