Various Ways To Style Wall Mirrors In Your Bedroom

Various Ways To Style Wall Mirrors In Your Bedroom

Recently, we’ve received so many photos from customers and bloggers and it’s been fascinating to see how each customer styled their mirror in their bedroom wall. Bedroom Sunburst mirror are one of those pieces that instantly add style to your space.

How do you style a bedroom mirror? One mirror might be enough to fit in a small bedroom. Do we choose a full-length mirror, a freestanding dressing table mirror, or a wall mirror?

To show you some of the many uses of Sunburst mirrors in bedrooms, we’ve shared some of our favorite customer images.

  1. Over A Dressing Table

One of the most obvious ways to use mirrors in your bedroom is to place one on top of your dressing room table. Steph, from Blog Bay Bee, was our latest collaborator. We loved the way she used her Hetti sunburst mirror mounted on the wall and sitting slightly above her dressing table.

This look is a favorite of ours and it’s great for customers with limited floor space. You can easily fit a small console table against your wall, such as the one below.

  1. Behind Your Bed

You can place this mirror behind your bed if your headboard allows it. Mirrors are a great way to grab the attention of anyone who enters your room.

You can use round, rectangular, and ornate frames mirrors to look great above a bed, depending on the decor. The mirror created a French Boudoir look and headboard that perfectly complement each other in this shot.

  1. Place Your Bed Opposite

You may find yourself with an empty wall if you have limited space in your bedroom. A mirror is a great option for this wall. It will add interest and create the illusion that space is available.

The shot below shows this customer perfectly. The large, glass-framed mirror projects the light beautifully throughout the room. The mirror landscape use to increase the sense of depth and space.

  1. You can Legg Up Against a Free Wall

A full-length cheval mirror, or a smaller, freestanding cheval, is a great choice if you have a wall that has enough space. These mirrors not only make a great centerpiece but also offer a full-length reflective area for dressing in.

For bedroom use, leaner mirrors are extremely popular. Our full-length wall mirrors are wall-mountable or can be leaned against the wall. However, we have seen many customers use the leaner style to add modern elegance to their bedroom.

The mirror is perfectly positioned against the wall in the shot below. Depending on the decor, you could also use full-length mirrors such as the modern, decorative ornate French style or the glass frame.

  1. Beside Your Bedside Table

Kate, from Fabric of my Life, featured our curved edge black leaner mirror in her bedroom remodel. We loved the way she placed the mirror behind her bedside table to create a focal point, but it was subtle and chic.

bed side table
source: harrowdecor.co.uk

Although this image shows a smaller sunburst mirror, it can be replicated with smaller wall mirrors. This mirror will complement your bed, allowing it to be the focal point of the room with the mirrors just supporting it.

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