Types of Tapes Used in Packaging

It’s not just the selection of wrong boxes that can result in disastrous packing. Not choosing the right tape can also cause damage to the packaging and hence to the product inside the package. Tape failure during packaging of the product can lose your time, money and it can cause frustration.

Sometimes tape issues can result in physical harm. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the right tape for the package that you are about to ship.

There is a huge difference between shipping tape and packaging tape. If you are shipping a product, you cannot use ordinary tape. Here is the difference between the two.

·        Packaging Tape

Package tapes are much thicker. They are sold under the name of storage tapes, and they can easily last for ten years in all the heat, humidity, and cold. They do not crack, nor stick or lose. These tapes can stand plenty of wear and tear. That is why they are the best tape for shipping boxes for the things you are about to ship.

·        Shipping Tape

These tapes are thin and lighter. They are only used on boxes that are not too heavy because the tape can break if applied on heavy boxes. Though these tapes can also handle some wear and tear, they are not the best for long-term storage.

Types of Packaging Tapes

Here are some common packaging tapes used on a regular basis

1.      Masking Tape

This specialized tape is very easy to apply and remove. This tape is not meant to put two endings together. T is designed to protect the areas during painting. It is thin tape and can easily get damaged. You can, however, use this tape to secure light packaging material. It has a week adhesive added, due to which it does not perform well on big packages.

2.      Carton Sealing Tape

This is another common type of packaging tape that is used for the packaging of cartons and boxes. If some are about to move store items and need to pack them in cardboard boxes, they can use this tape. It is an excellent choice if your package is not subjected to extreme temperature variations.

3.      Water-Activated Tape

When you are moving the supplies to another location, it is obvious for you to be concerned about its safety. This tape can face wear and tear, and it is good to ensure that your items stay secure.

It is called water-activated tape because it activates when it is wet and forms a seal. You cannot remove it directly; you will have to cut it off. Also, when you remove the tape, there will be signs of tampering.

4.      Tape for Cold Temperature

One problem with carton sealing is that in cold temperatures, the tape might not work effectively. If you live in a place with cold weather all the time or if you have to store items in a refrigerated area, you will want to use tape that can bear this temperature. You can use cold temperature tape for such uses.

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