Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Epson Printer Network Issue

Epson is a well-known brand name for printers. The printers are durable and can be configured by the user easily on a variety of gadgets. In PCs, you may connect the cable to the printer configuration. In other gadgets, users are able to connect wirelessly to their printer. Certain devices permit Bluetooth connection, and in certain devices, you can connect to the router to connect to printers. When connecting, some users have issues with the Epson printer network problem.

Reasons behind Epson Printer Network Error

  • The router isn’t functioning
  • Epson printer is properly configured
  • The WPS pin has been disabled
  • Epson printer driver isn’t working
  • The printer settings are not correct.

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Network Error

Restart the Printer

If the Epson printer displays an error on the network it is recommended to reboot the printer. The printer may show an Epson error code oxf1 when it encounters any running issue. It is possible to repair these issues by restarting your device. Once your Epson printer is turned on taking the power cable off. After that, you can reconnect the cable for 20 minutes. The Epson printer and the services it provides will be restored. Hit the Wi-Fi button on the printer and attempt to connect with your wireless network.

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

My Epson printer isn’t printing in the event that some printer’s files are not functioning. You must use the troubleshooter, which will examine all printer-related files. Open your computer and go to the Update and Security page. Click on Troubleshooter and then choose Printer. Now, the troubleshooting utility will begin to examine the printer’s files. If any of the files are damaged the troubleshooter will repair them. Check for network connection problems.

Reset the Router

Printers can encounter problems making connections to networks when the router isn’t functioning. Sometimes, the settings of the router aren’t correct, because of which the printer cannot communicate with it. Unplug all devices before resetting the router. Set up a password then connect to the devices. Start the printer, and then try reconnecting via the router. To determine the connection to the printer be sure to look for your WPS pin. Restart the pin, and then hit the Wi-Fi button to the Epson printer. Select the name of the network and then configure the printer to join the network.

Reset your Epson printer

Sometimes, printers run into problems because of issues with configuration. The user has set the printer on the incorrect network. This is the case when there are open networks. Visit your Epson printer and turn off the Wi-Fi option. Then, check the router and turn on it with the WPS pin. In the case of the printer press your Wi-Fi device. The network will be displayed with its name. Choose the right network name to connect. After connecting, print the printout of the configuration and then check the printer’s name and network status.

Reset the Epson Printer

The user may experience network problems if the Epson configurations for the network are not correct. When making adjustments, the user occasionally alters the settings for the network. To fix the issue the user must restart the printer. However, when you reset your printer, all the settings are reset. It is necessary to set up the printer once more. The password is also reset.

. Go to the Epson Control Panel for printers.

  • Select Home, then select Setup
  • Click the Restore default settings and then click the OK button.
  • Then click Restore Network Settings and then tap on the OK button.

If you restart the printer, its setting will get reset. Set up a printer network connection and print the prints.

Check the Epson Printer Driver

If the driver of your printer is corrupted, you won’t be able to set up the printer properly. The user must check the driver for the printer and fix it. Start your PC, and then click on Epson driver for the printer. If the driver isn’t working, you can fix the files. You can use the driver repair software to fix the issue on your device. It is possible to reinstall the driver on the PC. Get rid of the damaged Epson driver and then restart the PC. Then download the identical Epson driver on the internet.

Install the driver, and then look for any issues. Once you’ve found the right driver the Epson printer will begin functioning. Connect to the Epson printer to repair the network, and then connect to your PC. Search for the Epson printer on the available printers. Select the name of the printer and then enter the password. After connection, print prints using the Epson printer.

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