Top 5 Facts About 8 Ball Pool Game Development In India

In the era of the digital world, entertainment means have become almost virtual. One of the famous entertainment mediums is online games, for instance, 8 ball pool games. When 8 pool started, it played in the physical format, and it is available online. People are attracted to the 8 pool as it is easy to play, uses a mental ability, and rewards a cash prize. It implies excitement with improving your critical thinking skills by playing an online 8 pool game. That is why several business persons are entering the 8 ball pool game development to reap the monetary benefits. Engaging the audience into their platforms requires specialized pool game developers.

What is an 8 Ball Pool Game?

8 pool games known as pool billiards that are played on a billiard table with six pockets. The game recognizes strips and solids, highs and lows, spots and stripes.

The main objective is to goal the 8 number black ball in the pocket. However, we first plan assigned balls before the black ball and win the game. 

What is the History of 8 Ball Pool Game?

The 8 ball pool game saw in the limelight around 1900 in the United States of America as a name of pyramid pool in which players played only eight balls out of the fifteen object balls. One pocket the 8 ball, win the game. These playing rules, officially registered in the Billiard Congress of America’s rule book, were revised in the upcoming years. 

What is the 8 Ball Pool Game application?

After installing on smartphones, the 8 Ball pool game platform runs on Android or iOS. However, a different game application for Windows desktop. For 8 ball pool game application development, you hire 8 ball pool game developers who can build all the platforms of the 8 pool game.

What basic things do you know for 8 ball pool game development?

  1. Some of the essential things before pool game application development. Sixteen billiard balls in which one cue ball is white and fifteen object balls are different colours.
  2. You can invite players otherwise compete with computers.
  3. To play, you need a cue stick and billiard table.

How to play the 8 ball pool game?

To play 8 ball pool games is simple. Let us understand the playing procedure before going to 8 ball pool game. 

  1. The white ball, cue ball, is used for striking in another 15 balls.
  2. The one, who wants to win, has to pocket only the assigned ball, not the 8 number black ball. If one steals the black ball first, it becomes a penalty. 
  3. Turn repeat till a player keeps pocketing the ball except for the black ball.

What are the salient facts for 8 ball pool game development in India?

There are the salient facts for India’s 8 ball pool game, and you need to see these aspects.

1. Characteristics of 8 ball Pool Game Application

If you want to engage and grab the attention of pool game development, you should know these features inside your game. 

  1. Tournament and Challenging Series
  2. Accessible to Withdrawal and Deposit of Money
  3. Social Integration by budding list or invitation
  4.  Saving Game data and withdrawal history
  5. Security from users’ One Time Password 
  6. Offline and Free of Cost Mode
  7. Impeccable and robust design.

2. Earning and Business Revenue Model 

How can you earn money from the Pool game application development? Look out for these earning options.

a. Pool Rewards and Chips

Users can purchase chips and pool rewards for challenging their competitors.

b. Chat Texts

Some of the chat texts you get are free of cost. But if you go more text, you will buy. That money goes for the owner.

c. Advertisement

Users can see advertisements and banners after or before the write-up. For these advertisements, you can take charge of third-party enterprises.

d. YouTube Channel

 How many gamers will see your 8 pool gaming videos? Game operators will earn more.

f. Subcategory Games

Those games where players can play for challenging, pool cash, and exciting gifts. Through this, you get some money which is fixed on your reward. In addition to these above aspects, you need a professional pool game developer.

3. Development Procedure for an Online 8 ball Pool Game

For the development of 8 ball pool game development, you need professionals of Respective Domains such as UI/UX designers, 8 pool game developers, project managers, QA engineers, backend developers, and business analysts. 

You need different technologies like

  1. Node. js for backend development
  2. AWS or Azure for Cloud 
  3. SQL for the database.
  4. Azure stream system for real-time analytics. 

4. Real Cost of Creation Pool Game

If you want to design a simple, functional 8 ball pool game, you need to pay an average of $30000 to $35000. For adding more advanced features, you need to pay $70000 per 8 pool game.

What companies charge per hour for pool game development.

  1. The micro company charges $20 to $50 per hour. 
  2. Intermediate Company charges from $50 to 100 per hour. 
  3. The enterprise-level company takes in between $100 to $350 an hour. 

5. How Much Duration to 8 ball Pool Game Development

If you develop a single Android or iOS, a pool game application development will be done in 12 weeks.In case you wish to build all platforms, including desktop, Android and any Others, it needs 20 weeks that you see when you hire a pool game developer.

How to Hire 8 Ball Pool Game Developers?

The confusion is what you consider in your perfect 8 pool game developer. If you are unsure about this, you go for experiential and reputed pool game developers like Mobzway Technologies.

Let us see what means you get if you prefer Mobzway Technologies for your 8 pool game development solution.

  1. Pre-production and post-production technical support.  
  2. Demo work samples before finalization.
  3. Mobzway game developers have hands-on experience in 8 pool game application development
  4. Free consultation and advice regarding market and launching strategies.
  5. Onsite maintenance after any fault comes in 8 pool games.
  6. Competitive rates for 8 ball pool game development.


We suggest developing a complete 8 ball pool game development in India from the above paragraph. But you have to understand what the 8 ball pool game is. Under this, you review what the audience wants in this game and the pool game market survey. You can easily penetrate the online gaming market through a well-defined 8 ball pool game if you do this. But the functionalities and features of your 8 ball pool game depend on what type of pool game developers you hire. 

Thus, you choose those who have long experience designing all 8 pool game application development platforms. One will stop to reach the monetary benefits by engaging the audience towards your 8 ball pool game.

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