8 ball pool is one of the most popular games worldwide, which encompasses of nearly a real-life experience for the players.

You can enjoy playing this game from the comfort of your house and can be played individually or in pairs. The design of the game is very easy, and involvement of more people makes the game fun and interesting.

With the availability of the internet, you can play 8 ball pool without having to step out and even connect your friends together to join in for a game.

Wondering how to play 8 ball pool?

The design of the game is very easy, on choosing from the two sets of balls, that is the solid and striped, the players need to pocket the 8 ball. Whoever pockets the 8 ball first wins the game.

Know the rules and understand the game

In order to ace the game, you got to familiarize yourself with all the rules and regulations followed in the game.

8 ball pool is played with a white ball known as a “cue ball”, that a player uses to knock off the other colored balls. Both the players need to choose a ball pattern amongst the two sets of balls given to them, that is the solid-colored balls and the striped balls.

If you get a hand on knowing the rules and design of the game it would be way easier for you to get good at it with time.

Improve your aim

Practice makes a man perfect, with regular rounds of playing pool, you can improve your aiming, as it’d help you pocket more balls.

When playing online, matching the cue stick with your eyeline and body will help you perform better and improve your shot.

Quick trick: Keeping in mind the availability of time, gather a piece of paper with straight edge lines, and match it to that of the aim lines appearing on your screen, to extend your shot.

Watch out for your opponent’s moves

Winning a game doesn’t only require thinking about what steps to take to win the game, but also critically analyzing the opponent’s mistakes and moves.

When you have no chances of hitting a ball, you can resist your opponent from making a goal. This can be done by making an unpredictable shot, that gets the opponent’s easy target ball far away from them.

Don’t use more than a single tap to aim for the ball

Using a single tap to aim for the ball, will help you aim better and perform in less time. Availing the benefit of online services and technology, online gaming apps provide the user with an option of customizing the setting for aiming.

Switching this setting to single tap will help you locate your aim better and hence increase chances of pocketing the balls.

Keep a track of time and make a shot

The game is timed, and you need to make a shot within the allotted time. Missing a shot due to unavailability of time, subsides your chances of winning the game.

In a situation like this moving the cue faster will help aim faster. To do so simply tap and drag on the surface of the pool table appearing on your screen, in front of the cue tip.

Furthermore, adjust the shot accordingly by moving the cue, until you get the desired position to make the shot.

Go for the easier aims

Playing smart and diligently isn’t always the best option. Sometimes thinking the other way around helps out too.

When you spot easy targets on the board, immediately act upon to hit them, before they switch positions due to the opponent’s move. Missing out on any move not made at the right time, results in failure eventually.

Look out for fouls

As mentioned in the very first point, understanding of the game is crucial.

In case you pot the 8 ball before putting all the object balls together, it will get you knock out of the game.

Similarly, if you pocket the 8 ball in a place other than the aimed pocked, it will result in failure too. So, knowing the common fouls and learning what mistakes to not make while playing, will elevate your chances of winning the game.

Add spin to the cue ball

This isn’t a cakewalk. Especially when playing online, it might seem simple, but takes in a little effort to put up a difficult shot with a spin.

Depending on your desired goal, you can make a top spin ( cue ball goes forward or in the same direction after hitting the ball), a back spin ( cue ball comes back/ or in the opposite direction after hitting the ball), a right spin (cue ball goes right after hitting the ball) and even a left spin (cue ball goes left after hitting the ball).

Ensure your hands are not sweaty and not too moist

This might sound very general to you, but it adds in a lot more to the game. Sweating hands will make the surface you touch slippery, which in turn will decrease your shot of aiming better.

Touching screen with moist hands or fingers will lead to a poor shot, ruling out your possibility of knocking off the ball.

Keep a track of small mistakes

Small mistakes can sometimes eventually lead to absolute failure, even if your make splendid achievements throughout the game.

Small mistakes like the cue ball touching your opponent’s ball, or not hitting the rail around the table, will eventually mark in you losing points and not pocketing the desired number of balls.

So, keeping a track on not making these mistakes will prove fruitful to you.

Take a risk

To step forward, some action at the front foot is required. The same idea revolves here, in any given situation if you feel the need to power break, you should do so. This increases your chance of hitting multiple balls, but at the same time puts you at risk too.

In a case where you pocket the cue along with the ball you hit, it would be considered a foul. But if you don’t, you might end up pocketing upto 2 balls at once.

8 ball pool is a fun and entertaining game, you can enjoy it by simply downloading it online, and follow 8 ball pool tips shared above to perform better at game.

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