The Ultimate Hunting Checklist for Beginners: A Mini Guide

Hunting is practiced by many people from around the world, including aristocrats, world leaders, and sovereigns. It is considered a royal activity. However, it isn’t just limited to the elites, commoners also enjoy hunting occasionally.

If you’re someone who’s into outdoor activities and eager to try hunting, you first need all the hunting essentials. That’s right, guys. It isn’t an activity that you can enjoy without the initial investment. The following is a list of hunting tools that you need as a beginner:

A Camouflage Outfit

First thing first, you need to dress up appropriately if you wish to go hunting. Many people make the mistake of wearing bright-colored clothes when hunting in the woods and it is something that has caused many accidents.

Professional hunters always recommend wearing a camouflage outfit. It helps you blend in with the trees and greenery in the woods so that you’re not visible to the animals. It not only helps you stay safe but also makes your hunting experience better as you catch more preys.

A Pair of Outdoor Shoes

Another mandatory thing is a pair of outdoor shoes. When you walk comfortably around the woods, it improves your hunting experience instantly. Just make sure that your shoes are waterproof as the weather in the woods is mostly unpredictable.

It rains often and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get your feet into the mud, or would you? Thus, a pair of water-resistant outdoor shoes is a must for every hunter out there, be it a professional hunter or a beginner.

A Firearm

There’s no point in going hunting if you don’t have a firearm, so you must get one right away if you don’t have it already. Although many hunters use bows and arrows, they’re not recommended for beginners as it is tricky to use them.

A firearm, on the other hand, is easier to operate. Remington Model 700 is the most popular firearm when it comes to hunting. Also, you must carry hearing aids to secure your ears from the loud shooting sounds. Several hearing aid models are available at drugstores, so you won’t have an issue getting your hands on one.

A Pair of Knives

Having a pair of knives is also a must for every hunter whether you’re a pro or a beginner. It is better to skin the animal if you plan to stay in the woods for long. Such a practice helps keep the meat safe and healthy.

I usually recommend carrying two kinds of knives, a pocket knife and a skinning knife. Some people also carry a gutting knife. All these things can help make your hunting experience better and safe as well.

Mapping Essentials

Last but not least, mapping essentials are mandatory for all beginners. As a beginner, you’re not aware of the woods. You may have seen the outside area but you never know what awaits you inside.

Instead of getting lost somewhere away from your home, it’s always best to carry mapping essentials, including your smartphone, portable battery charger, compass, and GPS. If anything, all these things will ensure your safety. In case of a mishap, you can inform your friends or family about your exact location.

Oh, and besides the things mentioned above, please don’t forget to carry your water bottle and a few snacks. You won’t be getting any of that in the woods. Have fun, guys!

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