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The large metal Ottoman beds

A bed is of course extremely important for a good night’s sleep, but it is also often the showpiece of the bedroom. The Ottoman Beds does only have to be comfortable, it can also look good! Nowadays we see a trend of many metal Ottoman beds. Metal beds generally have a minimalist design, so they often look cool, are practical and often not too expensive. The beds don’t have to be just made of metal either. There are also metal beds combined with oak. Because there are so many different types of metal ottoman beds on the market, we decided to make a top 5. We hope this makes your choice easier and gives you an idea of   what kind of different metal beds there are!

Table of contents

  1. Matt Sleeps
  2. Gusto
  3. Better bed
  4. IKEA
  5. Bruno


Matt Sleeps – The Loft

A fantastic minimalist design made here in our own country. The steel Ottoman beds consists entirely of recycled steel. The steel bed frame is first sandblasted and then it is provided with a powder coating. Due to the minimalist appearance, assembling the bed is also very easy. You can assemble the entire bed with only 4 bolts! The steel bed is available in black and white.

In addition to the standard steel bed frame, you can also add a side table of 23×23. The side tables are easy to mount in different places on the steel Ottoman frame. You also have the option of turning it into a four-poster bed and/or adding an extra bar. The Loft comes with a slatted base consisting of 24 individual slats.

The price may be a bit on the high side, but good quality always costs a little more. A super good and sturdy bed for a fair price. In addition, they will deliver the bed and install it in your bedroom for free. It is even possible to exchange your old bed for a discount!

Gusto – OAK steel

As mentioned before, there are also metal ottoman beds that not only consist of metal, but also other materials. This bed consists mainly of oak and has a steel Ottoman bed frame at the front and back. An oak and black metal bed, sounds cool right? The wood is no less than 4 cm thick and is really rustic oak. You see irregularities in both the wood and the steel; this gives it that tough look! Gusto is therefore a real specialist in making wooden Ottoman beds.

They also make the beds here in the Netherlands with real furniture makers. Optional additions are the 80 cm headboard and/or hook-on bedside tables. Both are again completely made of wood. According to Gusto, the assembly of the bed is easy to do, but do you know yourself and don’t even know how to assemble the SKRUTT from Ikea?

Then there is also the option to let Gusto do it!  Let’s not beat around the bush, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, it is made by real craftsmanship and is of excellent quality. Prefer to see the bed in real life before purchasing it? Which can? You can make an appointment on the site to take a look at their showroom!

Better Bed – bed Milano

Bed Milano is a simple minimalist steel bed. According to Biter Ottoman Beds, the steel offers a wonderful night’s sleep, which is of course important. In addition, because of the black metal bed frame, it has a cozy and rural appearance. Because it has a steel bed frame, it is easy to keep clean with a wet cloth. Bed Milano comes without bed base and mattress.

 It is also possible to add bedside tables to the Milano bed for a handy place for your book and your telephone, for example. We can honestly say that bed Milano is not a showpiece like the previous two metal beds. However, we mainly looked at the price-quality ratio here. The steel bed costs relatively little. Yet it offers a good night’s sleep and it also has a cozy and rural appearance.

 The bed can be ordered in different sizes, the largest available size is 180×210 cm. You have to put it together at bed Milano yourself, but it should work!

IKEA – Saxtuba

Ikea is of course known for its good price-quality ratio. The Swedish giant could not miss in our top 5. The Saxtuba is a minimalist steel bed with a black metal Ottoman frame. The designer Pauline Machado says he was inspired by the ornate wrought iron of old fences.

This is clearly visible when you look at the shapes of the steel bed frame. Because of the high headboard you can also sit comfortably in your bed if you put some pillows against it. The bed is also nice and high so that you have enough storage space under your bed. The bed does not include slatted frame and mattress.

 In addition, you have to assemble it yourself, but that is of course also possible if you buy something at Ikea! Saxtuba is the cheapest bed in our top 5 metal beds and since it is from Ikea you can assume that the quality is good. Both Ikea and Machado hope that the bed will become your ‘own personal refuge’.

Bruno – the Bruno metal bed

Bruno has recently also been established in the Netherlands, namely in the beautiful city of Utrecht. Once again we have a sleek and sturdy minimalist steel bed. The black steel bed frame is completely matte and gives it an elegant look.

The steel bed frame is also welded by hand and has a profile width of no less than 3 cm. This ensures that the largest model weighs almost 40 kg! We can therefore say that it is in any case an incredibly sturdy metal bed. The Bruno metal bed comes with a slatted base and gives the option to order an additional mattress.

In terms of price, the Bruno metal bed is a real middle-of-the-road. After ordering the bed, delivery is made to the bedroom. Due to the minimalist appearance of the bed, it only takes 15 minutes to assemble.

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