Students Are Googling “Professional Essay Writing Services” | The Pandemic And Student Life

Why do students seek help from professional essay writing services?

The year 2022 is starting off slow for many of us, and the global pandemic is still going strong two years later. Thus we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle as students. Most of us have been struggling throughout this time, wondering, “Is this the apocalypse? Are we ever going back to normal?” Students are even turning to professional essay writing services for matters like database design assignment help. Many are just seeking to get through university.

The effects of the pandemic can be a little more complicated when looking at it with a magnifying glass. Life used to be simple, but now, COVID-19 locking us into our homes has become the norm. Trapping many students in what seems to be a never-ending cycle. Like a video game that keeps looping a level or like that scene from The Matrix with Neo in a subway. A sort of limbo state. I myself recall how surreal the lockdown made me feel—like I’m in a game, expecting the zombie plague to begin.

However, the world keeps on turning despite what all of us are feeling. Time, after all, stops for no one. And therefore, many of us continued dealing with the restrictions. It’s not as if we can just cast a spell with Doctor Strange to fix things like Spider-Man – No Way Home. Unlike Peter Parker, we don’t have a “super magic wizard” helping us out. Thus students are now dealing with the changes in the best way they can. You, too, are probably getting the database design assignment help you need in university. But before you go back to looking up professional essay writing services to help, let’s take a look at student life and what’s happening post-COVID-19.

But before we do…

Let’s travel back in time

We are taking a look at how this all came to be. The coronavirus is a lot older than the pandemic we’re currently dealing with. To understand its impact on student life, we can examine the origins and how it challenged the education sector. There are leagues of data out there, so let’s not get lost in a sea of information. Especially considering COVID-19 is a part of a larger family of viruses. Besides, it affects more than just humans, you know? From bats to cattle and even camels.

Yes, camels.

Tracing its origins can be a little tricky. According to sources online, the coronavirus was first observed in humans during the mid-’60s. Since then, we’ve had a lot of research go into how coronaviruses work.

But, looking back at the end of 2019 allows us to see how the events of this pandemic begin to unfold, from the news reporting the outbreak originating in Wuhan, China, and the global reaction to the buzz. It really did feel like the start of a zombie movie. The restrictions and lockdowns, everyone keeping their distance. I’d say we’ve all come a long way from the “14 days to slow the spread” tagline we all heard at the start. Two years and booster vaccinations later, we’re all still here.

The academic changes | Why do students seek help from professional essay writing services?

During these two years, some areas experiencing the serve impact of COVID are the education and academic sectors. Dealing with the problem of the virus and health became the goal, and we all tried to make a difference. However, in an effort to prevent COVID’s spread, the world was scrambling.

Online classes, homeschooling, and all that became the norm for students globally. We all had our Zoom and Google classrooms, and it was a very strange time for students. I’m sure many of us thought it was great not having to attend school at first. Happy to not be going out or leaving your bed.

However, I think now most of us have changed that opinion now. Not being able to meet up with our friends or go outside. Perhaps not attending class or becoming too relaxed with our study patterns. Having to go through all of it while being stuck at home has been a real challenge for students. More than many of us would care to admit. Many students have seen their grades fall, and despite many countries easing the restrictions of the lockdowns, it is still a struggle. Here are some of the ways students have been feeling the impact of COVID:

  • Mental stress (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Lack of motivation
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty focusing

Though this is a brief list including some problems, they have led to the downfall of students’ academic performance. Be it through depression, anxiety, or even neglect of our health. Many students are therefore resorting to seeking external assistance. Be it database design assignment help, tutors, or even professional essay writing services.

However, can you improve your student life in terms of the mental and physical challenges of COVID?

How can students aim to grow in 2022?

Yes, the struggle only intensifies as students plan for the year ahead. As a result of COVID, we can observe several issues. The mental, physical and academic problems seem to overwhelm even the brightest of us. Apart from looking up professional essay writing services, there are some things we can all strive towards to help improve our lives in the post-COVID era. It’s nothing complicated—just simple steps to improve our mental and physical well-being.

The following tips will not only prepare your immune system better; they might help you overcome mental stresses and lack of motivation as well. Moreover, it can assist with focusing on the goals you have set for the year ahead.

1. Eating better

During the pandemic, everyone, including students, has indulged in poor eating habits to compensate for all the struggles. I have started snacking on my favorite comfort foods too! However, the glaring fact cannot be denied; these are not good for you in the long term. Especially not if you’re trying to protect yourself from COVID. Students have to remember eating right is the first step we can take to improve our health. Our diets help our bodies and our minds.

Improving your diet helps you focus on the tasks and goals you have ahead of you. It can be really easy. Cutting down on carbs or fried foods and eating vegetables is a great way to boost your mental and physical health. Maybe even going on YouTube and finding a healthy-tips-and-tricks channel could be a good idea.

This first step should put you on the right track.

2. Sleep right

Our second step is increasing the amount of rest you get as a student. The depression and anxiety we face during the current times can wear us down. Let’s not forget all the stress of academic and student life too. We are worried about our health, our education, our careers or even our family. These all lead to high levels of mental stress and can turn your student life into a stressful nightmare.

Rest is a good way to overcome all of that mental anguish. Sleeping enough helps recharge your battery. Aim to get enough sleep. Not only will it help your mind recover from the stress, but it might also just help you better prepare for the struggles ahead.

3. Working out

Yes, you heard me right, exercise matters. It’s a really good way to help you focus and be goal-oriented. Of course, I’m not saying you have to go all-out and try to be super fit. We aren’t Fitness+ here. But working out can be good both for your mental and physical health, and it’s never a bad idea to physically train yourself to overcome challenges.

Therefore, trying smaller workouts can be extremely beneficial for students. Seeking help is a good idea, but it’s just as important to take your struggles into your own hands.

Positive ending

As students, we often struggle. We need to focus on the goals we have set for ourselves with our choices in academia. However, it’s important never to let the stress and challenge of global affairs get to us. Whether lockdowns are easing up or getting stricter shouldn’t matter to you academically. Your goal is to get through university. Keep that in mind. Besides, looking for help has never been easier. Googling “Database design assignment help” or “Professional essay writing services” may be the choice of most students. You included. But understanding the struggle of students in the pandemic and student life can only help with tackling the problems you may be facing

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