Some Common Mistakes Every SEO Beginner Make

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of having a successful website. But because it can be a daunting task at times, it is easy to make a mistake. I will tell you that Google can be annoying at times, and you need to be aware of errors that can ruin your efforts.

Just making a single mistake can damage your website and your SEO rankings. What error am I saying? Most people ignore it. I am not talking about SEO keyword errors or page optimization errors, although these are very important.

I am talking about ignoring your collective work. Google immediately tells us that the way your website works is an important part of your ranking. When I talk about “how your website works”, I am not talking about your navigation menu and your contact type.  I mean, these are very important, but you also have to focus on the deep foundation.

Why? Because Google’s main objective is to provide users with the best possible solution to the problem. Not only does Google want its users to find what they want easily and efficiently, but it also wants to provide

users with superior solutions. According to Google, the main problems of your website can make your website not meet the “quality”  requirements. Well, let’s get into the 3 SEO mistakes you make that hurt your rankings.

1. Site speed

I believe you have heard it again and again. The speed of your website is important. Website speed is not only important for your website visitors, it is also important in SEO. Users expect every page on your website to be delivered in three seconds, and Google expects it. We are not just talking about desktops, we are talking about mobile.

How fast should your website be?

As soon as possible. It sounds ridiculous, but consider the following numbers:

  • 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
  • 40% of visitors leaving a website take 3 seconds or more to load.

How to track the speed of the website?

There are many free and easy-to-use tools available online where you can redeem your website URL.

  • Google Spreadsheets: Let you know how your website loads on desktop and mobile devices
  • Pingdom Race
  • GTMetrix

What else can you do to make your website faster?

Well, it really depends on the platform of your website. Regardless of the platform, however, one of the things that makes it slower to download a website is having a bad image.

A good rule of thumb: copy images before uploading them to your website. If you upload an image that is 4000 pixels wide, your website will perform a heavy task.

2. Broken links

One of the ways searchers crave website rankings is by linking to their links. If there are broken links on your website, it may prevent search engine spiders from crawling on your website. If they can’t betray it, they can’t list it for display and search results.

Broken links will not cause “crawling issues”, but they will cause problems with your overall SEO ranking. If not convinced, you can SEO agency to check. 

If you often leave broken links on your website for a long time, this may indicate the search engines on your website are “low interest”, which we really want to avoid.

Then evaluate it from the perspective of the website user. We’ve all been there, browsed the site, clicked the link and told us the “page no longer exists”. There is no Bueno.

It can give your visitors a negative impression of your website, especially if this happens more than once. Don’t know that your connection is broken?

If your website has been in existence for at least a year, then you may have some broken links. Think about the blog posts you published last year. Do you link to any other blogs in them? (Of course I expect  so! This is a must for on-page SEO)

However, if you modify or delete any pages, posts, or permanent links, broken links may appear on your website. What about other sites? Are there any websites you have linked to to change its URL? Is the website still available?

Linking to a page, post, or website that no longer exists (or at least where you mentioned it depending on the URL) can cause the link to break.

How to check if the connection is broken?

The good news is that you will not be linking your web pages from one page to another with the popup window to see if any links are broken. It will last forever.

You can use a broken link scanner to run your website for free, it will scan your website and remind you of any broken links! My favorite broken link check tool: broken link check

3. Pop-up window

We have all encountered annoying pop-ups on our website that make us click away before seeing the page but on your own website?

Have you considered whether and how pop-up windows damage your SEO ranking? If not handled, it won’t go the right path.

So, as early as January 2017, Google made a decision to use today to punish websites that use “interstitial ads”: this means that pop-up windows do not add any content (and often remove) experience users, products or brands. .

If you had a pop-up window, what would you remember?

1. Timing

The timing of the pop-up window is important. If your pop-up window occurs as soon as the visitor arrives on your first page, it will distract you and not improve your user experience.

The pop-up window has been updated when you “add”, but activate when you “remove intention”.(Most plug-ins and software programs have this option) Even if you wait until your staff is on the page for a minute and then pop up a pop-up window, it will not be a coincidence.

2. Forced wait time

Do you let users wait X seconds before allowing them to exit the pop-up window? Employees do not like that. Google does not like that.

3. How easy is your pop-up window to close?

Does the “X” close the pop-up window mean well? If not, it is considered a bad employee experience. This is usually the case when viewing websites on mobile devices. If your pop-up window does not accept 100% mobile and is easy to close, it may be a key issue.

What kind of pop-up window is good?

  • Output window (usually used for viewing)
  • Cookies or legal status
  • Module helps users log in to your website (if they have an account)
  • Chat boxes (usually because they help the user experience)
  • Box to guide staff leaving feedback
  • A small pop-up window takes up about 15% of the screen

Basically, if they do not interfere with or disrupt the user’s browsing experience, then you will be happy.

Relevance is the key. You want to stay out of the window of annoying or spam pop-ups.

Final Thoughts

We all know that improving your SEO is important in the online world, but it is also important to avoid common SEO mistakes.

We do not want all your SEO efforts to fall into that trap, especially if it can be avoided. Doing the solutions I listed in my post will not only allow you to increase your SEO rankings, but it will also help you increase website traffic and make your website more relevant to the most important, your audience. Did you make any mistakes above? How did you fix them?

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