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What is Sex Therapy And What Happens During Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a way that helps to solve issues between couples and address their psychological, personal, medical, and interpersonal problems. The main goal of the therapy is to melt down the conflict between the couple and help them build a stronger connection with each other; that can lead to a satisfying and pleasurable life. Some problems, such as sexual dysfunction, are prevalent in men, mostly a cause of dispute between the couple. Almost 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men go through this problem once in their lifetimes.
Although, if you want to know all about the issues in which sex therapy is used, to cure interpersonal problems. Then make sure to read down the article to the end.

How Does Sex Therapy Work-

In sex therapy, the doctor talks you through your emotional experiences, worries, and feelings. Thus, by working together with your partner and doctor; one can get some coping mechanisms to get out of the relationship problem and have a fulfilling and satisfying life. At the beginning of your sessions, the doctor may take your sessions alone or with your partner. The therapist’s primary goal is to help you out through your current situation. Also, there are some points to remember while going for sex therapies-

  1. The doctor is non-judgemental and will not take the side of any of the partners.
  2. Everyone in the room keeps their clothes on. That means there is no practical session during therapy where the doctor tells you how to have sex.

Also, with every passing session, the doctor will push you down to help you through the problem of sexual dysfunction. The sex therapy and the talk therapy which a person goes through are both educational and supportive. The therapy session is meant to encourage you and your partner for change. Also, the person will likely be given some of the assignments before they go for another therapy session. The doctors may also discuss some signs and symptoms concerning your sexual problems.

Do I Need Sex Therapy-

If you want to know if you need sex therapy or not, you should non-judgementally see which parts of your life are most affected if you see that your problem of sexual dysfunction is due to your emotional issues. Then going to a sex therapist is a great idea. Also, if you see that there is difficulty maintaining intimacy and difficulty communicating with your partner, this can lead to some severe personal concerns. Thus, a sex therapist is an excellent place to start to cure these problems.

How do I Find a Sex Therapist-

If you want to find a sex therapist, you can go for a licensed psychiatrist, family therapist, clinical social worker, marriage and family counselor, etc. These medical trainers have to go through extensive additional training to become certified sex therapists. You can find these certified therapists from AASECT. Also, one can go and talk to local health workers of their cities to find one in their hometown.
So, if you are looking for one in India, you should try taking counseling from Dr. Chirag Bhandari. He is a famous sexologist in Gurgaon and is also a licensed sex therapist; who has helped a lot of couples through a lot of personal issues in his career. Dr. Chirag is also the founder of the famous IASH institute, which deals with all male sexual problems. So, do not wait and book an online counseling session today.

Points to Consider Before Your Appointment-

Before you are ready to begin your sex therapy, here are five essential things which you should keep in mind.

1. Compatibility-

There should be a unique bond with your therapists, as to how successfully you communicate with your doctor will determine the level of your positive results. Also, the doctor’s guidance and concerns will take you out of your problems.
So, if you somehow do not feel comfortable discussing your problems with a sexologist, find someone new.

2. Solo Vs Couple-

During your sex therapy, you always do not have to come with your partners. Sometimes, solo treatment is enough to deal with the issue. However, sometimes the doctor may suggest having both the partners together to get better results.
So, you should talk to your partner before you want your partner to attend the sessions with you; to build a stronger connection with them.

3. Logistics-

When you decide to finalize a sex therapist, keep in mind how far the doctor’s office is from your place and how easy it is for you to reach there. As you may be attending the counseling sessions now and then, during the lunch breaks, after work, and at random times. Sometimes, however, the sexologist may take some online sessions, which you can take by being comfortable at your home.
However, make sure you choose a convenient doctor to go to. Otherwise, you may be finding excuses to avoid the sessions.

4. Treatment Plan-

During your initial appointments, the doctors will generally tell you the entire plan for you. You may need a couple of sessions before you get out of the situation. So the doctor may not be very sure of how long you have to go with the sessions. However, once the session begins, he may be sure of the number of sessions required to complete your favourable results. Also, once the doctor is confident enough about your progress, he may release you soon out of the sessions.

5. Insurance Coverage-

Not every kind of medical insurance will cover psychotherapy. So, those who also cover it may have some special requirements or individual deductibles.
So, confirm about the medical insurance, beforehand you’re with your insurance company; to prepare for your financial investment.

Take Away-

A lot of people go through sexual and personal problems. But most of them never get these situations well, as they cannot discuss these problems with the doctors. Because they feel ashamed of them; however, if you talk to your doctor and discuss these problems with them, you can find an effective solution to all your problems. Also, if you want to find an answer from a certified doctor, then contact Dr. Chirag Bhandari, a famous sexologist. If you need more information about the hospital and the doctor, check it out on “IASH India.”

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