Secrets Used by Pop Stars, Songwriters, and Music Producers to Make Hit Music

The secret to making hit music is hiding in a studio somewhere. If you’re looking for the “why” behind hit songs and artists, look no further than these secrets that are used by pop stars, songwriters, and music producers to create the sounds we love. Whether it’s sticky guitar licks or thumping drum beats that add just enough kick to an otherwise bland track, this is a must-read on the process of creating hit songs!


Before you start writing down lines of lyrics in your head or switching up your favorite tunes on Spotify or Youtube, consider how these tips for music producers are used by professionals.


Great Music is a Feeling


If you’ve ever had your eyes closed while listening to a song, you’d realize that music is more than just sound. It’s an emotional connection. These tips for music producers can inspire nostalgia, create feelings of angst and despair, and even trigger rage in some cases. That’s why we listen to music because it allows us to experience human emotions indirectly. Emotions are what make us human, so that’s one of the biggest reasons we love music so much.


When we hear music, we can’t help but feel something, whether that’s the love of a first date, the annoyance from a rude waiter, or the anger of being stuck in traffic. When you make music and produce it media to share with others, you become an instrument of emotion. You’re giving people an opportunity to experience emotions like yours.


Sometimes these emotions can be highly personal and almost sacred at times. That’s why hit songs are so often personal or “inside” views.


Great Music is Obsession


Another tip for music producers why great music is shared so frequently and even copied by young artists is that it becomes an obsession.


When you listen to music and connect with it, you’ll find yourself repeating and making mental notes of the lyrics and overall message. Collaborations and songwriting that happen after this happen for one simple reason: the desire to connect deeper with the listener.


The best music is made with emotion, sound, human experience, analysis, obsession, creativity, and more. Songwriters aren’t just writing songs because they’re told to or because they have a deadline (or multiple deadlines.) Most of them spend hours upon hours connecting with their favorite songs, analyzing their lyrics and melodies to the point where they become obsessed. This obsession compels them to create something new based on their obsession with hit song elements.


Music is Mastered before it’s Released


Mastering refers to the final processing stage in creating a track before releasing it. The goal of mastering is to transform the raw track into a finished product. The goal is for the tracks to sound good on any system and for it to be ready for mass consumption. By understanding how the music industry masters its music, you can better understand why hit songs are so popular among fans and producers alike.


One of the tips for music producers, why mastering is essential is because it helps songs to sound good on every system. Whether you’re listening to music through a high-end sound system or using your computer speakers, you can enjoy the song. Mastered tracks are produced with parts that are loud and soft, bass that has just enough kick, and other elements that make listeners want to keep listening even after dozens of plays.


Great Music is Subtlety


Great music is subtle. This means that it’s not too much, not too little, but just right. It’s the perfect balance of sounds and instruments. Also, It’s the perfect mix of bass, vocals, drums, and guitar.


Great music is almost an art in itself because it requires so many elements to be combined just right. When you write music or collaborate with others, you have to understand those aesthetics are important in addition to the message. You have to consider how people will react when they first hear your music. If you’re putting it out there for general consumption, your tracks should be pleasing to most listeners and even those who aren’t really into certain genres of music.


There are Many Reasons Behind Mastering


Another tip for music producers is that a track should sound good on every system to be widely accepted by fans. A mastered version of your track will probably spread faster than a raw version because it sounds better than a raw, unfinished track. Professional quality cannot be found on every computer, so being able to produce great, great-sounding work on all systems and devices will give your music the appreciation it deserves.


Great Music is Adaptable


The best music can be turned into a great remix. It can be remade by other artists and turned into something new, even if it’s originally an older song or a standard pop or rock type of song. A good example of this is “All About That Bass,” which has been remade many times due to its popularity. It generated the famous parody video and has been remixed by countless aspiring musicians who want to try their hand at creating something that sounds just like it.


This is one tip for music producers to test if you’re making hit music – make sure you can easily adapt your songs to different genres of music. Make sure they can be remade by other artists and can be remixed to fit new genres without losing their popularity.


Great Music Moves People Like a Dance


Most hit music has at least something funky or “dirty” about it. Some of the most popular genres of music, like hip-hop, rock, and country, have lyrics that are pretty much over-the-top in terms of language or images. It’s probably why many fans like to dance to these types of songs so much because they’re relatable and they’re fun. It’s not just the beats and underlying meaning that have people moving either; even the acoustic guitar parts are catchy with simple chords that sway as if dancing themselves.


Great Music Makes You Feel Alive


One of the tips for music producers why music is so popular is because of how it makes you feel when it’s playing. There are a ton of different emotions involved in making music and listening to it, so when you find the right way or the right combination of sounds, instruments. And people that work together just right, great music comes out of it.


This is why a track that’s just good is not going to make it to the radio, no matter how well it was recorded. There has to be some effort put into putting it together too; there needs to be a purpose behind the song and some type of emotion involved. Maybe you just want to feel alive, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Maybe wanting more than one hit means you’re searching for something deeper beyond simple enjoyment and entertainment.




Tips for music producers’ hit songs have universal appeal. In other words, it appeals to almost everyone. It’s one that people either love or they hate, but they often don’t necessarily like all of the aspects of it at first glance. However, it’s something that gets better with repeated listens because people get used to it as time goes on. It grows on you, so to speak.


The reason why hit music is so popular and keeps people coming back for more is that it’s different from the same old thing. It can be relatable, it can be fun to listen to and sing along with, or even just plain catchy. Whatever aspect of hit music you like, there are probably dozens of other people who feel the same way about it. The more successful your music – especially if your genre is mainstream – the more likely it will have a similar effect on others.

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