Peach Cultivation in India – Guidelines About Planting and Process

Peach Cultivation in India

Peach fruit is the significant stonecrop of the temperate zone. It is packed with complete nutrients and is renowned in the market. The flesh of peaches has a floral sweetness, delicate, and while yellow peaches have a more acidic flavor. Peach fruit may offer an array of health benefits, smoother skin, including improved digestion and allergy relief. 

Commercial peach cultivation is very simple and easy. For Peach cultivation, farmers use various methods and equipment. Although, the tractor is the most prominent equipment in the cultivation of crops, and generally, the farmers use the John Deere 5050D tractor for peach farming in India. 

How to Start Peach Cultivation

It is very easy and simple to start a peach farming business both on a commercial and small scale. Peach trees generally require little care. So, you will probably be able to start and operate this business efficiently, even if you are a beginner.

Peach trees typically grow in regions with relatively low temperatures with full sun availability. And almost all kinds of soil are suitable for the cultivation of peaches.

You can start a peach farming business if you live somewhere in a cold climate. Here in this guide, we describe more details about peach cultivation, from planting, care, and much more essential information.

Peach Cultivation – Land preparation 

The peach fruit plants mainly require deep sandy loam soil. If the soil becomes the best source of organic matter, it also becomes better with a good drainage system. You should keep the soil pH between 5.8 to 6.8 because peach farming requires the ideal pH. Saline and Acidic soils are not fit for peach cultivation. For peach cultivation, the land with a gentle slope is considerable. Therefore, the plant grows best in high hills, mid-hills, and foothills.

Peach Cultivation – Prepare the Soil

Before planting the peach fruit trees, you must prepare the soil perfectly. The peach tree usually requires deep sandy loam soil with a good drainage system and many organic materials. 

Prepare the land by digging a distance of 5 m x 5 m and filling the beds with 20 kg of organic manure or fertilizer, 125 g of urea, and 25 ml of chlorpyrifos. Fill above 10 cm of ground level and mix with 30 cm soil.

Peach Farming – Climate Requirement

Farmers cultivate peach fruit in a wide range of climatic situations. The trees are more tolerant of warm climatic conditions than other stone fruits. Peach plants prefer clear and warm weather during the fruiting season. These plants require a temperature of about 24°C for fruit ripening.

Best Time For Peach Farming

Farmers can plant peach fruit anytime. But you should plant the peach in early or winter-spring for better growth and good production. 

Choose a Good Variety of Peach 

Peaches are available in various varieties throughout the world. However, not all the varieties fit with farming in all the regions worldwide.  

For instance, some renowned and common peach varieties in India are Sharbati, Floridaprince, Khurmani, Red (Nectarine), Pratap, Florida red sun, Shan-e-Punjab, Prabhat etc. On the other hand, low chilling varieties such as TA-170, Shane- Punjab, Flordasun, and Sharbati are suitable for the NEH region.

Planting for Peach Farming

The ideal time is considerable from June to August for planting peach plants. However, if you have a good irrigation system, you can plant anytime. Of course, light watering after planting in the field (in dry weather conditions) is essential. But under irrigated conditions, you can plant the peach in December and January.

The exact number of plants per acre depends on the propagation and planting system. Usually, a square system with a spacing of 6.5 m X 6.5 m is used for planting.

Caring of Peach

For a successful peach farming business, taking care of the peach plants is very important. Although, the peach fruit plants usually require little caring and other management. But taking additional caring will help in total yield.

Fertilizing the Peach

When the tree is 1 – 2 years old, you should apply- 

  • UREA (manure) – 


  • Farm yard Manure (FYM) – 


  • Phosphatic fertilizer – 


  • Potassium chloride – 


When the peach tree is 3-4 years old, you should apply – 

  • UREA (manure) – 


  • Farm yard Manure (FYM)  – 


  • Phosphatic fertilizer – 


  • Potassium chloride – 


Finally, when the peach tree is 5 years and above, you should apply-

  • UREA (manure) – 


  • Farmyard Manure (FYM) – 

25-30 kg/tree,

  • Phosphatic fertilizer – 


  • Potassium chloride – 


Watering For Peach Cultivation

After planting, immediate watering in the trees is very important. But if farmers plant the trees in the rainy season, they do not require watering. Use the Drip irrigation method for effective use of water. Irrigate at a few critical stages in dry weather conditions. Watering is also essential at the budding/ flowering and fruit development stages.

Tractor Requirement in Peach Farming 

The tractor is an indispensable aspect of peach farming. The tractor uses in every segment of agriculture. Because as a start the tillage process in agriculture, you need the tractor, and till the harvesting the plant, you need the tractor in this farming. Therefore, a tractor has become the primary factor in farming but choosing the right one is not easy. Hence we recommend the John Deere 5405 tractor for cultivation.

For more knowledge about farming Business and any other factor related to agriculture in farming, stay tuned with us.

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