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Has it ever happened, that you opened your wardrobe and get a sense that there is nothing to wear? A lot of people feel this way and they can’t be blamed for that. You will find multiple people who cannot decide what to wear at any particular event. If you are still in the category where you think, too many fashionable clothes or options can be the right choice, then you might be wrong. So, without any further ado, let’s just dive into the fashion tips that can help you with decluttering your wardrobe and transforming your look in the process.

What we usually do is get ourselves different clothes as per the events and when it comes to buying t-shirts, we never have enough. From getting funny t-shirts for men to getting a designer or printed t-shirts- there are always going to be a lot of options for you. On the other hand, if there is a new Marvel’s or DC movie getting released, their merchandise surfaces the market. And then you will want to buy one of those too (every time.)

So, here are a few tips that you can use to minimize the clutter in your wardrobe and increase efficiency. Yes, there are tips and tricks to make this happen. To know more, keep reading.

How can style your single T-shirt for multiple occasions

Having a compact wardrobe is a good thing. It will never lead to confusion or regrets of wasting money over any dress that you wore just once, twice or thrice. But then there are a set of problems that compact wardrobes have of their own.

  • For a casual look

If you are going out for a casual lunch or meet up with your friends or family, you can simply pair a coloured solid t-shirt with plain denim. Footwear and accessories can be taken according to the getup, colour and the place you are heading to. Also, if you want to make your casual outfit a bit classy and comfortably, you can look for your mother’s or boyfriend’s bottoms.

You can also pair it up with some light-coloured pants or jeggings. If you want to take a tip just tuck in your t-shirt in your bottom to enhance your overall look. Accentuation of the waist can be a bonus in your outfit.

  • Leisure time outfit

There is one mantra for leisure outfits. Keep it simple or keep it in layers. Your basic t-shirt paired with loose pants or palazzo pants can be a great match. For a change, you can also wear a long t-shirt with shorts (not showing). You can reveal your legs too if they are toned. For summers you can simply wear light coloured pants with full layered. Funny t-shirts for women are also becoming very popular amongst people. You can also try it once with a jacket and rugged jeans.

  • Work Attire

Oh no, you don’t have to worry about your work attire anymore. There are a lot of things that you can do. Innovate a new style or pick the one that we recommend. Take a solid coloured t-shirt and pair it with skinny denim and heels. Men can pair the same attire with sneakers or neck shoes, whatever they feel will look great.

  • Going to a party

There are different types of parties; if you are headed for a pool or beach party, make sure that you are dressed up accordingly. Floral or funny t-shirts can be the perfect match for the event. These t-shirts and shirts can be paired with shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Things that can help in making your wardrobe a bit uncluttered and a bit better

  1. Do not buy a t-shirt that fits just one occasion

To unclutter your wardrobe and use your single t-shirt for multiple occasions, you need to buy a tee that looks sober and can be used in multiple places. Believe us or not, most people feel guilty about their decision of buying a tee for one occasion. Whenever you get a call for some outing, the first thing that rings your mind is getting something new for the event. Does that happen to you too? So, instead of regretting later about your dress being used for a couple of outings only, be wise and choose something that’s versatile.

One of the most versatile things to buy in terms of t-shirts is a rare piece or something classic. It is a fact that classic and simple have more effect on your personality. They not only fit in multiple occasions but also are elegant.

  1. Discard things that you don’t wear

Most people have the habit of keeping their old dresses and they keep bringing in the new ones. This is not at all healthy for you if you want less screaming time while deciding what has to be worn. If you keep it in your cupboard, it will just create clutter for you. It is better to either put them somewhere else or give them to someone else.

  1. Don’t buy things because you are getting an offer

One of the biggest problems that we see in today’s world is the bargaining system. Not only does it steer people to get something but bundle up too. It might have happened to you too that while toggling through a website, you might have come across a product that gives you a good bargain. It might not be very flawless as you call it, but only because you are getting a good deal on it. You buy it. It is better to refrain from doing this.

  1. Swapping is another good way

Not everyone will agree to this but truly, swapping is something that people should do when it comes to clothes. Make it a thumb rule for yourself, whenever you buy a new cloth, you should replace it with another. This way, you will not be cluttering your wardrobe and it will be refreshing now and then.

  1. Mix and match with your friends

Trust us when we say this, you can’t have all the good clothes that come up in the market. It is better to pool resources with your friends rather. You can simply check your friend’s wardrobe and get your mix and match with them. This way, you will not be cluttering your wardrobe and you will have more options. Isn’t this a wise thing? If you have a couple of friends who are close to you, this means you have a couple of wardrobes to your name too. Don’t forget, they too have the same right!


Now you have all the fashion tips that you require. So, it won’t be wrong to say that now you will be making wiser decisions when it comes to your wardrobe. Keeping the clutter out of your room will help in elevating your dressing sense and would kick out the confusion that you face.

More importantly, you will have no regrets about wasting your money on a dress. Isn’t that relaxing already? Make sure you integrate as many pointers given above in your life as possible.

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