Monday.Com Rundown; Everything You Need to Know About the Software

Monday.Com Rundown; Everything You Need to Know About the Software

About Monday.com

Monday.com software is a very popular software that has been around for a while. The company was founded in 2014 and has steadily been growing ever since. The growth has been spectacular; so much so that the most recent valuation for the company was in the billions! The last seed round for Monday.com software was about $150 million which instilled everyone’s faith into the success of this software.


Monday.com went public in the mid of last year; in June 2021 and has since then gained even more popularity than it already had. Monday.com’s competitors regard the software as a winner and often refer to it as their main competitor. In this piece, we will be giving you a rundown of some amazing features in Monday.com, details about Monday.com pricing and Monday.com demo among other things. If you are interested in knowing more about this software then keep reading!

Features in Monday.com

Data Visualization

The first feature we want to highlight for this software is the data visualization feature. The feature allows you to make sure you can display your data in a visual format so that you and your team have an even easier time understanding what the project will look like. This feature helps you to make sure that everyone can be on the same page and helps you to make project planning easier. Getting the entire team on the same page can be cumbersome but with this feature everyone on your team can be informed about what is the process of the project, what the timeline for the project looks like and what tasks are involved among other things!


Easy Collaboration

The collaboration feature in Monday.com software allows you to collaborate with everyone in your team and allows you to make things so much smoother than before. The software allows you to add users to the project and helps you to keep everyone in the loop this way. You and your team can add tasks, complete tasks; all within the software. Your team can upload documents which everyone can view. This helps you to keep everyone on the same page as everyone can see tasks which were done by everyone and hence know what has been done, what needs to be done and more. You can also write comments, feedback and more which helps everyone make the project even better!

Notifications and Reminders

The notifications and reminders feature in Monday.com software helps you to be on top of all your work at all times. The feature helps you to know when work is due and when some deadline is coming up. Getting a reminder for an upcoming deadline helps you and your team keep on top of everything easily. The software also allows you to get notifications when you are tagged in a task, mentioned in a comment or more. All in all, with this software you can keep on top of everything related to you and your job. This helps you be a good worker.


The templates feature is another one we want to tell you about because of the amazing utility it provides you and your business. The feature helps you to look at templates already existing in the software which you can choose from and then even further customize for your own needs. All in all, this feature helps you to make things easier because you do not have to design a template but can merely choose one from the templates available in the software and populate it with your project. This helps you make things so much easier and allows you to save time and make things simpler for everyone involved. Streamlining the use of your project is very helpful for you!

Monday.com Pricing

The monday.com software pricing is uniform throughout. The software costs $16 a month per user which is billed annually which makes it easier for you to track your expenses as a company overall. There is also a free version of the software but the features you have access to with that free version are very limited. The version only allows two users per company on it which can be a big issue as well. We would highly suggest the paid version because of all the convenience it can bring you since the free version does not give you anywhere near access to the kind of features which makes this software what it is!

Is Monday.com Right for You?

Now that we have talked about so many things related to Monday.com software; from features to pricing, we want to help you determine whether this software would be right for you. We suggest making a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then comparing those features to what Monday.com software has to offer. This will help you determine whether the software will suit your needs.

We also suggest asking for a monday.com demo to see for yourself what the software has to offer. This allows you to see everything on your own and then conclude whether the software is good for you.

We also suggest reading as many reviews for the software as you can. The reviews we are talking about are by customers. Monday.com reviews by users are usually very positive online which help instill faith in this software.

We are sure whatever decision you end up making about this software will suit your needs perfectly. Make sure to make a decision based on your benefit more than anything else!


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