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Mistakes to Avoid While Installing RTA Cabinet


So, you have found the right RTA cabinet for your kitchen at a discounted price. That’s great! RTA cabinets are a great choice for your kitchen. But your efforts can go down the drain if you mess up the installation process of your RTA cabinets wholesale.

Thus, we are going to take a look at the top mistakes you should avoid while installing your RTA kitchen cabinets.

  1. Doing the Layout All By Yourself

If you like doing things all by yourself, it might be tempting to measures every bit all by yourself, get some modern RTA cabinets, and then simply assemble them. But without a proper design, your great looking cabinets might be spread out across a poor design.

However, you can avoid this if you purchase the RTA cabinets from a reputable dealer. When you look at a set for your kitchen, a reputable company will provide you with design ideas. So, you can select a layout that will be suitable for your kitchen.

Getting such help doesn’t mean you cannot things all by yourself. It simply means you are smart.

  1. Placing the Cabinets at Wrong Heights

Before you invest in your kitchen cabinets, you should always measure. Surely, those RTA wood cabinets you have got for your kitchen is not going to look good if there are large gaps that are not supposed to be. At times, even after proper measurement, people can end up placing the cabinets mistakenly at improper heights.

You might think that placing the upper cabinets just up against the ceiling is a good idea or that having the lower cabinets a little taller than usual can help. However, these assumptions might prove dangerous. Just think, what will happen when you go to install your stove vent or microwave oven only to find that it won’t fit above or under the RTA cabinets.

So, you should consider the whole cabinet design and avoid assuming anything.

  1. Not Measuring the New Appliances

Some homeowners who have installed their modern RTA cabinets found that their appliances are not fitting properly. You might ask if they have taken measurements, why did this happen? Ultimately, they will realize that they have bought new appliances.

Most of the modern-day appliances are available in standard sizes. But sadly, standard sizes of appliances that are available today is not the same as the standard size appliance that was available two decades ago. So, you have to consider this when you take measurements. Make sure that you buy a cabinet set based on the appliances you are going to purchase.

  1. Ignoring Extras

When you get new RTA cabinets for your kitchen, you shouldn’t forget about the additional features and hardware that you will require. Surely, these small accessories will not stop the installation process but they can add expense and time down the road.

Thus, you have to plan ahead as to how you would like to incorporate items, such as cabinet pulls, kitchen sinks, etc.

RTA cabinets are easy to install but you need to avoid these mistakes to avoid any trouble in the future.


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