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Link Development: The Super Hero for SEO

The internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses right now, but it has a few serious limitations. One of these limitations is the lack of meaningful backlinks. This will help you understand why link development is so important for SEO Company Chandigarh and give you some valuable tips on how to make your good content shine on the web.


What is link development?


Link development refers to the process of increasing the number of incoming links to your blog or website. It’s a fundamental part of search engine optimization, and it’s one of the most important tools you have in your marketing arsenal. You might have heard people say that there are no shortcuts in SEO, but that’s not true. Link development allows you to shortcut straight to the top in two ways: First, by increasing your popularity, and second, by improving your search engine rankings.


Why is link development so important for SEO?


Link development is more than just an effective way of attracting traffic; it also improves your credibility as an authority figure in your niche. Google is designed to reward those who have built up a solid reputation in their niche, so the more quality links you have pointing at your site and blog, the better your rankings are likely to be.


Good link development has some special benefits for SEO Company Chandigarh


First of all, it’s one of the most effective tools for scaling up your search engine traffic. Every time you get a new backlink from a good, relevant website, you’re likely to attract tons of visitors. But quality link development isn’t just about quantity; it’s also an effective way of improving your search rankings. Google doesn’t just look at the number of incoming links to determine your rankings; it also looks at the quality of those links. This means that the most effective link development techniques include high-quality, relevant backlinks.


Of course, when you’re trying to build up a good network of incoming links, you’re not just looking for quantity; you’re also looking for quality. You should aim for high-quality backlinks from sites with a lot of traffic and authority, and you should make sure that your website is easy to navigate and easy to find through a search engine.


How to get quality links to your website


You may be thinking that getting quality links is a job for a professional SEO Company in Chandigarh. But the truth is that you can achieve the same results through a range of link-building techniques you can use at home. These techniques are worth learning because they’re well-suited to spreading your content in the right forums and on websites with which you have a natural connection. Here’s how to do it:


1. Create a ‘linkable asset’


It’s not just about getting links to your home page; you have to focus on getting good links to your valuable content. The content that you create for your blog or website should be easy for other people to share and easy for other people to link back to. The best way of achieving this is by providing them with a variety of ‘linkable assets’ they can use in their blogs, newsletters, and websites. These linkable assets include:


1) Blog posts – Blog posts are excellent linkable assets because they’re very easy for others to embed on their websites.


2) Social media posts – Facebook and Twitter posts are popular for sharing. Make sure you use a catchy summary line or short quote as a teaser for your blog post; then, add a link to the full blog post at the end.


3) Images – Your blog posts should contain good images because people are likely to share an image that catches their eye. Make sure your images have a link to your SEO Company Chandigarh website or blog embedded in them so that people can check out the rest of your content. You can also embed videos in similar ways, but make sure these are high-quality videos that are relevant to your topics and niche.


4) Infographics – Infographics are a great way of combining images and text to share your content in a visually interesting format. You can embed these on your SEO Company Chandigarh website or blog, but you can also embed them in other people’s websites using the embed code. Make sure your infographic is well-researched and that it provides valuable information for the people who will be reading it.


2. Identify the right websites for backlinks


The truth is that you can’t just set out to get links from anywhere you like; some websites are much better than others when it comes to search engine optimization. But it’s worth bearing in mind that gaining a backlink from a website with which you have a natural connection (such as an industry press or blogging friend) is the most effective way of gaining traffic. It means your website can count on a network of link partners to spread your content while they use their influence in the industry to improve your rankings.


3. Create great content


The better, more unique, and more useful your blog posts are, the better results you’ll get for backlinks. The best way to create great content is by regularly updating and refining your current articles, as well as creating new articles when you have fresh ideas. But what makes the content great is by making it easily shareable. As we’ve mentioned above, you need to create ‘linkable assets. To do this you need to make sure that your content:


1) Is relevant – Your blog posts should have a clear link back to your website or blog.


2) Is original – Do not copy and paste from other sources! It’s good to reference other websites and articles, but make sure the information you’re sharing is original and that you’re creating something of value for others. It’s also essential that the content on your website or blog meets the needs of your audience.


3) Is unique – Make sure that your SEO Company Chandigarh’s content is not being reproduced by anyone else. If another site is publishing the same content as you, Google will likely penalize you for duplicate content in your rankings.


4) Is easy to share – From the beginning, make sure your blog posts are ready for social media. Good headlines do help! Your articles should also be something people want to click on and read more about – this means having well-explained text with shorter paragraphs, lists, and good-quality images. The easier you make it for other people to share your content, the more likely they are to do so.


5. Know when to ask for backlinks


It’s not advisable to go around asking other people to give you backlinks, because it will only risk damaging your online reputation. However, if you’ve created a ‘linkable asset’ that fits in with their blog content or newsletter, it’s entirely possible to find someone else who will be willing to help. If you do ask for a link, make sure you make it easy for them by providing them with the relevant information (like a blog post) and enticing them with a summary of your content that makes them want more. And don’t use forceful language; as we’ve seen in the past, this is likely to get you blacklisted from other sites and forums.


6. Use your blogging network


Your SEO Company Chandigarh blogging network should be one of the most useful sources of backlinks you’ll have. By creating friendships and networks with lots of other bloggers, you can trade links with them, share content on social media and keep in touch with new ideas and developments in your industry. You can also use this network to get feedback on your articles, as well as to solicit additional information for new articles you might write.


7. Redirect bad links away from your site


If any bad links are pointing at your site, try using an SEO Company Chandigarh service to redirect these elsewhere or remove them completely from the web directory or search engine index. This will help boost your rankings in the rankings and it will help you to avoid negative results on Google that could result in your site being penalized. For this, you’ll need to know how to use the web directory API, since it’s commonly used by the search engines and web directory sites themselves.


8. Do not worry about link metrics and anchor text


With an increasing number of sites using aggressive link-building strategies, link metrics and anchor text have become two potentially dangerous ranking factors for bloggers, publishers, and websites alike. So if we’re honest, there’s little point worrying about these things until it’s too late when a bad practice has already damaged your submission chances with Google. The diversity of the web and the available sources for links – from social media to niche publications to influencers – means there is no longer a need to focus on a particular keyword or anchor text as the main source of a link. Instead, you should place your long-term trust in influencers and content that’s unique, useful, and original.


9. Use social media for backlinks


Social media is one of the best ways of getting backlinks that are worth something. You can share your latest blog post or article on Facebook or Twitter to get potential readers’ attention, as well as from some high visibility pages that can add a direct link to your blog post (such as leading YouTube channels). If you have a blog for your SEO Company Chandigarh, then it’s essential that you create profiles on social media and regularly update them.


10. Use web directory services to build quality backlinks


When it comes to finding good sources of backlinks, the web directory service is one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal. This is why the Seo-Trick will show you how to find high-quality web directories, submit your articles and get lots of organic traffic from these sites. There are thousands of directories online, but only a few will be genuinely worth using for your website or blog; for this reason, you must know how to identify which ones are worth spending time on.




There are many ways you can build quality backlinks that will give your website and blog a boost in rankings. Building links takes time and patience, but it’s worth persisting with an effective strategy that’s winnable. Although you’ll still have to work hard and put in the time to create linkable assets, using these ten tips for SEO Company Chandigarh could help to boost your chances of receiving links. Make sure you use them all to the best of your ability!


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