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What is the cost To Repair A Laptop Screen

Some time ago, I looked up the exact same information. What is the cost to repair Laptop screen price in Nigeria? Answer? The price range is wide-ranging from Rs. 2000 – 8000. Why? Yes, there are many kinds of screens with various cost-per-views. The issues with screens may not be the same. However, if your laptop is covered by the warranty, this is a different problem. There is no need to pay for anything if the display was not damaged accidentally.

In my situation, the issue was that my Dell laptop’s screen started to show some or two lines on the screen. At first, I didn’t pay attention to the lines. Then, more lines began to appear, and I wrote down how much it costs to fix a laptop’s screen from India within the Google search bar. It was a surprise that I didn’t put the whole inquiry in Google search bar because it came up by itself. I was able to see the burning issue it had become for people who work on laptops.

Do you enjoy surprises? Stay with me until the close.

Are you prepared for some mild engineering? Perhaps you will not have to ask questions such as how much it will cost to repair the laptop screen in India! But, wait, we have to make sure that:

  • Make sure your laptop is placed on a flat and clean, smooth surface prior to fixing it.
  • Make use of regular, sharp tools to remove your screen’s cover. A small screwdriver equipped with magnetic heads can save your life. It is included in a laptop repair kit available at the store, or you can purchase it from the internet.
  • Make sure you have a putty knife on hand and an abrasive needle or pin around for assistance to remove the screen bezel.
  • Make sure you have a container or bowl to keep your small screws secure so that they don’t get lost when you’re working.
  • Normal insulation tape, Nitto tape as well as foam tape with double sides can help to depend on the issue you’re facing with your display.

What’s the Laptop screen price in Nigeria when the laptop’s screen is not turning on?

The problem with your notebook abruptly shutting off and not coming back on could not be the case for the display. The many reasons why this happens could be:

  • The AC adapter has failed or is totally dead.
  • The DC Jack is damaged.
  • The motherboard, or any other hardware issues

If your adapter is dead or adapter, you might need the adapter replaced. The cost isn’t too high. Based upon the type of laptop and the manufacturer of the laptop, it may vary between Rs. 500 – 1200. 

What is the Laptop screen price in Nigeria when the laptop’s screen stays black after being it is turned on?


I’ve witnessed a scenario before. The laptop of a friend was on when the power button illuminated, and it was clear that the fans were spinning and HDD beginning, but the screen was completely black. If you’re facing similar issues and are thinking of it to be a display glitch, consider rethinking your assumptions. What I discovered was that this, it’s not always a screen setback. In most instances, it’s the motherboard or RAM in the system. There is also the possibility of your computer running continuously restarts because the internal organs in question are not functioning properly. After that, your quest to find out how much will it cost to repair the laptop’s screen in India will disappear by itself.


The typical HP Laptop screen repair cost in India is about Rs. 3000 – 5000. If we extend the options for all HP laptops from the basic models to the high-definition model, The HP Laptop screen repair cost for India ranges from 3000 and 8000 rupees. 2000-8000, which includes the labor costs. Go to the NSS Laptop Service Center for more information on the price repair the laptop screen in India.

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