Kraken, situated in San Francisco, has been widely regarded as one of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges since its inception in 2011. They claims that it is “consistently rated the finest and most reliable Bitcoin marketplace by independent news sources”. While determining which cryptocurrency exchange is “the best” is, of course, a very subjective term. It is sure that Kraken is among those most advanced, respectable, and secure by players and watchers of the crypto market.  

Kraken boasts the biggest euro volume of Bitcoin trading of any exchange. It is often ranked as one of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges globally for both Bitcoin and trading volume throughout all digital currencies offered. It was also the first cryptocurrency exchange whose data (trading volumes and prices) was integrated into the Bloomberg Terminal. If you have been thinking of joining the Kraken exchange but were unaware of its features and tools, keep reading this Kraken review as we will discuss everything about this exchange.


Kraken is a full-service exchange with several features not available anywhere else. Among these characteristics are:  

  • A dark pool that enables traders to execute huge buy and sell orders in secret without notifying the rest of the market. Dark pools allow merchants to deal anonymously, allowing them to conceal huge orders and intents.  
  • On the other hand, institutions and high-net-worth consumers can trade on Kraken’s OTC (over-the-counter) market. OTC trades occur outside Kraken’s standard exchange and provide 1-on-1 customised service, deep liquidity, and expert desk views.  
  • As per multiple Kraken reviews, the exchange consistently ranks among the best bitcoin exchanges in terms of service and security. That’s possible because they have a customer service centre open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kraken’s customer support staff, which includes several hundred on-call professionals, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through live chat.
  • Kraken’s innovative trading platform includes a highly sought-after margin trading option, driven by Kraken’s robust Trade Engine. Kraken ranks with Bitmex as the finest margin trading system, with leverage up to 5x, a pro trading interface, comprehensive APIs. High borrow limits (up to $500,000), and cheap rollover charges. Margin trading on Kraken is also reasonably diversified, with BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, ETH, XMR, REP, and USDT available for leveraged transactions. Lastly, as of this writing, Kraken’s margin trading costs are the cheapest of any exchange accessible.  
  • Kraken futures unique trading and exciting service that is not common on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Kraken exchange competes closely with Bitmex, the undisputed margin and futures trading champion. However, given Kraken’s excellent reputation, many traders choose to use their platform. Futures trading enables investors to specify an item to purchase or sell at a later date without actually possessing the digital asset. Traders commonly use futures contracts to hedge risk. Kraken allows traders to trade ETH, XRP, BTC, LTC, and BCH futures contracts.  


Deposits and withdrawals into for a Kraken exchange trading profile or wallet can be made in US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, and Japanese yen. As well as the virtual currencies available for trading on the exchange. Deposits and withdrawals are now only possible by bank or wire transfer. Rather than debit or credit cards or digital wallets like PayPal or Skrill. The rationale for this restriction, according to the platform, is that the danger of fraudulent transactions is too great for the exchange. To now allow these deposit and withdrawal options due to the near-instant and essentially irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions. 


In terms of trading security, Kraken is unrivalled. Indeed, Powell has gone on public multiple times to advise traders not to put their bitcoin holdings on any exchange, even his own. Kraken exchange ranked first in ICO Rating’s lauded cryptocurrency exchange security audit and ranking. Scoring high marks in user profile safety, web security, DoS attack prevention, and domain safety. Kraken keeps 95 per cent of its investments securely locked away in an offline, air-gapped cold storage that is geographically dispersed. That final part is an incredible detail. That demonstrates the security team’s commitment to keeping digital assets protected under its control.  

Kraken’s security team has installed round-the-clock monitoring of the exchange and domain. Ensuring that nothing enters or exits without observation. Kraken exchange has all the ticks for user security: 2FA, email confirmation for transactions, global setting time lock, granular API key access, customizable account time account, SSL encryption.  


If you have been thinking to join the Kraken exchange but were unaware of its features and tools, keep reading. This Kraken review as we will discuss everything about this exchangeBecause of its excellent security features and minimal transaction costs, Kraken is a viable alternative worth investigating. However, it is not the greatest choice for novices because of its more sophisticated interface. This seasoned Bitcoin exchange has built a solid reputation over the years and does not appear to disappear anytime soon. We hope you enjoyed our Kraken review and learned a lot about this incredible Kraken exchange.

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